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    Episode 107 — I Can See Clearly!

    Pete said something about relationships that really helped me get out of a bad rut I was in from a recent breakup at the time, what you guys discussed put things in perspective for me and made me feel much better about my situation. I had flown out to Alaska in July to get away from everything and everyone, and I was in a tiny studio apartment living on a mattress for 2 weeks in the dark listening to podcasts. This helped me immensely. Thank you Pete, Thank you Elizabeth and Andy, Thank you Earwolf.
  2. SamTaurone

    Pulled episodes, HDTGM

    The good news is that these episodes can easily be found on Google.
  3. SamTaurone

    Kung Pow: Enter The Fist

    "I've got some yellow liquid for your popcorn!"
  4. SamTaurone

    Cape Fear

    This movie speaks for itself, I'm not even going to try to do it justice with a description (yes I am that lazy)!
  5. SamTaurone

    Cape Fear

    It's a good movie, nostalgic as well, hell even Joe Don Baker is in it. However, it's overdramatic in such a way that it almost feels like a comedy. It deserves to be picked on!
  6. SamTaurone

    Cape Fear

    Well, since you asked nicely, okay! It's the 1991 version, Robert DeNiro steals the screen with his over-the-top bananas performance as a creepy ex-con looking for revenge. In between Nick Nolte's portrayal as a lawyer who constantly bullshits his family, everyone's urge to chain smoke, negative screen flashes, and an musical overture that never let's up; I can easily see this become an episode on HDTGM.
  7. SamTaurone

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    News Story: Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama
  8. SamTaurone

    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    I've been working on a Nic Cage Face/Off Remix video for some time now, it's unfortunate I couldn't get it finished when this podcast dropped, should be out soon, hopefully, I'm going to do the best I can to perfect it. It'll have just about every off-the-wall piece of dialogue you can think of.
  9. SamTaurone

    The Lawnmower Man (1992)

    For some reason, this movie felt like the epitome of 90's cinema, maybe it was all the footage of mowed lawns.
  10. SamTaurone

    Last Action Hero (1993)

    I love this movie. "Want to be a farmer? Here's a few acres!"
  11. SamTaurone

    Blade Trinity (2004)

    I agree, Blade Trinity has to be done eventually
  12. I was totally about to do this, it's like you read my mind, from over 2 years ago!
  13. SamTaurone

    Hobo with a Shotgun

    This movie is one of the most over-the-top insane films I have ever watched. It is my favorite; it's action, cinematography, practical effects, and comedy is right up there and beyond with the Crank films and War Zone. This is not a Bad Movie Recommendation, this is a Crazy Movie Recommendation and it's about time we had another one. This would be one of the best podcasts ever recorded, especially if you can get someone from the film to weigh in on it. You will not regret it, I guarantee it.
  14. If you're tired of falling in lava, just mine more couch cushions!
  15. SamTaurone

    Episode 331 — Secret Superlatives

    I was wondering if they were going to talk about the reading of "The Day The Clown Cried", I've gone over the audiobook of "Silver Screen Fiend" twice now while working my shifts as a delivery driver, it's quite entertaining and thought provoking. I highly recommend it and will probably listen to it again in the near future