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    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    tvman1981 apparently is, or was, a TV correspondent for KRON, a local San Francisco channel. His "People Behaving Badly" series takes viewers on a journey through San Francisco's seedy underbelly, exposing crimes such as not stopping when intersection lights are broken, skateboarding, and drinking in public parks. His magnum opus, as far as I can tell, is a three part series in which he stalks a person commuting to and from work because he got a tip that she's abusing her vanpooling privledges. In part 2 he confronts her:
  2. Order up for Donner, party of two! I’ve got a hufu manwhich (hold the ethics) and a dick in a box to go.
  3. Dr Debacle

    Adam Pally & Benny Schwaz host The Late Late Show

    Couldn't look away. What an insane set design though – "I just realized you're sandwiched between the young versions of the old men muppets."
  4. You are what you eat so fry me some Baby Geniuses.