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  1. ...with something that's decidedly not barbershop Mitch & Paul from Can You Handle Her? Get To There!* are back with Simon & Garplugkel's Plugward Bound Plugs! Where you bands are playin' Plugs! Where your jokes are sayin' Plugs! Where your content's waiting loudly for me.... https://soundcloud.c...ster-v1/s-MUQer *thanks Chief
  2. MitchRosenthal

    When It's Plug Time

    https://soundcloud.c...ng-time/s-kO2sk by Mitch and Paul of Can You Hear How Good This Tastes... downloadable
  3. I asked a girl on the street when she was due; she said eight months and three weeks, so she was still pretty pissed that I asked, welcome to CBB
  4. I like my vaginas like i dont like my chicken- pink! Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang...