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  1. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Best of 2016 Pt. 4

    Love Scott and Paul to death, but the earlier discussion about the alt right and now joking about trigger warnings? Also Scott has told jokes about John Travolta's dead son and obviously had some questionable (albeit hilarious) moments on the show throughout its lifetime. I mean the N-word and kike has been said many a time. Also Pepe The Frog is only part of the alt right as a representation of a depressed loser troll, and hardly a mascot. Maybe it's just because I'm not a ultra left liberal but it seems like they maybe voted for Hillary (or were pressured by Hollywood supporting her) and now are going extreme in the other direction due to the unfortunate election of Trump into our presidency. I've met them both, incredibly nice and amazing people, but I could do without politics banter. I'll get roasted by fellow earwolf fans here, but whatever.
  2. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Best of 2016 Pt. 3

    THERE IS CERTAINLY a version of the commercial featuring women. I'm only 23 but looked up the commercial at it's first mention on the podcast. IT EXISTS SOMEWHERE
  3. The Great Auk may be extinct but here's me, the decent Scott Auk
  4. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Episode 443 - This Is Your Boy Troy

    As soon as they opened an ep of I Love Films I fuckin blasted some sweet batter all over my keyboard.
  5. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Episode 10 - 4 Kids 0 Sex

    Woah, this podcast is magical. This is the first podcast I've been wrapped up by completely that isn't meant to be laugh out loud fumy. Just thoughtful and sweet like an amazing film, yet it's real life. How beautiful and tragic the world can be.
  6. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Episode 420 - Todd Is Too High with Rogue Wave

    And the Auto-respect button goes off in my mind for Haley Joel Osment. Haven't listened, but good on em
  7. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Episode 416 - Silicone Bralley Poo Crew

    ARE WE REALLY ARGUING HERE? It's hilarious. The humor is how aware they are that it IS offensive accompanied by Middleditch's great improv.
  8. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Episode 416 - Silicone Bralley Poo Crew

    Finally get to listen to this on my day off, I fucking love this combo. Legendary comedy. They're greats.... all of em
  9. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    I love cameron to death, but is she a comedian or a gay rights activist? She's so funny but good lord EVERY appearance she makes on anything recently has to do with her orientation. It's a hot topic right now, but motherfuckers just wanna laugh
  10. OHH MY GOD the front earwolf page made me think there wasn't an epidose today and then I checked on the show's page and THIS CAME UP?! This is one of many things in life that make me fucking estatic
  11. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Episode 413 - Cranking It to Coldplay

    HEY this isn't handbook east! God damnit eggs
  12. I was genuinely sad today then realized what Tuesday meant
  13. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Episode 410 - You Know John Leguizamo

    This is the second time Scott and Joe Wengert have gotten in an argument about what to do with frozen cubes of condiments. I freaking love this bizarre universe that is CBB
  14. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Episode 126 - Julie Klausner Again, Our Close Friend

    Still drunk and FUCK if I'm not the happiest person ever to realize its a Tuesday, HH 4 LYYYYFEE
  15. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Episode 408 - LIVE at SXSW 2016

    This episode is pure gold. Can't wait to see CBB live for my birthday, I'd die without this podcast
  16. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    EPISODE 125 — LIVE FROM SXSW: The Future of Comedy

    Haha god damn it when it first started I was like "Woah they had a great turn out!" You goofed me boys Edit: Already laughing my butt off when the whole crowd stops at once. Also Brett is getting so fuckin good
  17. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    EPISODE 124 — Big Apple Bible, Episode 1

    East coast head here, inviting y'all west coasters to get down and suck on these
  18. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Episode 406 - Kid Detectives II

    HAHAH ohh my god an efukt shoutout
  19. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Episode 123 - Kulap Vilaysack, Our Close Fiend

    I'm not sure I understand y'all. I do love this show and it is very funny, so I trust you people. I hope I made a good decision
  20. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Episode 403 - This Ain't Now, This is Then

    The amount of love I have for Adam Scott has started to become a problem. It's the best problem I've ever had.
  21. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    EPISODE 121 — Maria Thayer, Our Close Friend

    I already love this. And they're doing well introducing the guests more immediately, but I'm a little warm.... could maybe use.. some sort of... cold
  22. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    EPISODE 119 — Friends, Our Close Friends

    Haa this show's fanbase is the shit! So glad I started listening a few months ago. "Cornball Bothers Do It In The Rain" -Hayes Davenport and Sean Clements
  23. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Best HH clips?

    Thomas Middleditch's episode as a whole is pretty funny. Just wait for when they start talking about the hunger games... also the one with them alone that SteveH said.
  24. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    Do any of you Handbook-heads have bands? If so, plug them here!

    I play shows with whoever isn't lazy enough, sometimes we cover songs of this album which was a huge influence for me Gun Club for lyyfe! "Cop Head Washes Ashore!" -Sean Clements
  25. Rocknrolluhhmusic

    EPISODE 119 — Friends, Our Close Friends

    HAHA this got amazing quick