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  1. We broke into an All-You-Can-Eat buffet on bottomless diaper night & ate 3 soft serve machines. Metal & all.
  2. dischargingfoul

    Q About Stand-Up Jokes

    I'm being 100% serious, but was terribly unclear. I meant before he/she even summoned the courage to perform stand-up & perhaps had years of material, but maybe their humor sharpened & they weren't sure if the old stuff was even worth going back to evaluate. So like, let's say you're 30 & decided to finally chase your dream, do you access stuff you might've written as a dumb 23 year-old?
  3. dischargingfoul

    Episode 435 - Jim Gaffigan Says No

    This is like the 4th time I didn't read the episode info & was kinda blown away upon eventually realizing that the last character was Hines. He's Brendon Small-esque.
  4. dischargingfoul

    Q About Stand-Up Jokes

    What's the furthest back into their old, "shitty" material anyone's reached for an idea that ended up killing unexpectedly?
  5. dischargingfoul

    Episode 434 - Doubt About That

    I lose my shit whenever Scott noticeably muffles laughter & I hate when you can tell he's doing a good job at it. This was one of those eps (I'm sayin I loved this episode).
  6. dischargingfoul

    Episode 291 - Virtually Reality

    I've become a Weinbach fan recently, definitely gonna check out his new stuff, and that The Witness video game. This ep felt like a return to form (shame Stard wasn't available) & I hope The 2WhoCh Crew continues to harness this positive Summah momentum. Also, Virginia sending perps to Texas honestly sounds like it was just an underground way to bring "justice" to non-white people. I'm too scared to even look it up.
  7. dischargingfoul

    Episode 289 - Unrealtors

    RE: this week's How To Act, I understand where Howard's coming from. There's a very noticeable politeness & social grace that you either have or you don't, & if you have it, it precedes you in the public "marketplace". If you don't have it, you wouldn't even be able to point it out in another person. It's all about having merely an average level of self-awareness when it comes to your own emission of noise pollution & how you're impacting other people's personal space, but I'd say 90% of people aren't even familiar with those concepts & it makes the rest of us feel like assholes when we become annoyed by their self-centered behavior. "Hold the door for women, & the rest will just happen naturally." --Ebenezer Scrooge
  8. dischargingfoul

    Episode 424 - Almost Parasites

    that comment was somehow the most memorable part of a great episode; it just kinda hung there for a second. it was indeed cryptic.
  9. dischargingfoul

    Episode 288 - Ramhanded

    Song of Summah thus far is "Yamborghini High", folks. Video seriously reminds me a li'l bit of Dragonboy Suede's vid for Newborn Baby Colt & some of the lyrics feel like they could've been penned by Suede himself. I wouldn't be surprised if he was an anonymous collaborator on the song or video. Howard knows A$AP Rocky, right? Also,
  10. dischargingfoul

    Episode 417 - The 3 Year Diet

    Ron/Tom Petty was one of the best new characters I've heard in a while. 3 years of eating nothin but "grass" sounds like quite an adventure. Nice.
  11. dischargingfoul

    Episode 280 - Movie Theater Pickle Sandwich

    Brilliant of Maria to stay in her character from Hollywood Handbook. C+
  12. Was anyone else relieved that this ep wasn't actually recorded at SXSW? I just think this show in particular works better without the thunderstorm of a live audience.
  13. dischargingfoul

    Episode 277 - Stomp out the Stompers

    Alpaca, I was actually worried for a sec that someone might possibly think that's what I meant, so I guess I'll explain. I think "lazy rap" is a phrase that discredits the genre a bit. Not every rapper is in the Kanye/Eminem/Tupac alpha dog mould, & modern rap doesn't require every line to be punctuated with that sort of "A-HA! Look what I just did! FUCK THE WORLD!" edge that used to be the norm. Rap can be more about vibe, ambiance, & flow today than it could've in the past, & I think that's what fans of the music can be happy with. Alternative rock didn't inspire the most new fans back in the 90's, but it was indeed a new evolution of the genre. Madeintyo & other rappers this decade have tapped into alternative rap, & there's nothing unskilled or lazy about it (look no further than Earwolf's many forays into the difficulty of freestyle rapping to get an idea of just how difficult it is to catch/flow with a beat). But yes, I do prefer hard-working, white rap to lazy rap most of the time.
  14. dischargingfoul

    Episode 277 - Stomp out the Stompers

    That was great. April came in a little hot with her takedown (personally, I think lazy can mean different things to different people when it comes to rap, & I disagreed with her assertion) & Howard gave her the perfect schooling on why that song is a shining example of the sharp, quickly-evolving rap cycle we're in. I also don't think April is too "mom" to begin to appreciate new rap. High-five!
  15. dischargingfoul

    Episode 2 - Passport, Exodus

    Appreciative of the response, Chris; thanks for shedding a little more clarity on the production end of the podcast (I was unaware you use twitter to "open the lines"). I should've been more clear that by "people he knows", I meant "stars" (or if not the stars themselves, people whose "selected" stories/backgrounds were near-identical stories to to theirs), & that the season-ending reveal was going to be that even the down-on-their luck common folk who call in could still have a renaissance to realizing whatever their dreams are. I guess in the end, it doesn't matter whether that would be scripted or not, but I take your word for it that the call-ins are livewire. This is a genre unlike any other podcast.