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    comedy, vinyl, cats, food, movies, bees.
    lots of other stuff.
  1. ClareDickerson

    "That's a Good Plug"

    that's a good plug theme submission!
  2. ClareDickerson

    COFFEE PLUGS (Descendents)

    this was very good! i also love the idea of plug covers!
  3. ClareDickerson

    EPISODE 356 — Heynong Man

    this was one of the funniest episodes i have heard in a long time. i loved the def leppard song portion way more than i should have. c+!
  4. ClareDickerson

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    now i'm totally going to have to hate watch this movie.
  5. ClareDickerson

    EPISODE 346 — That Is Wild

  6. ClareDickerson

    EPISODE 221 — A Tribute To Harris Wittels

    that is incredible!
  7. ClareDickerson

    EPISODE 221 — A Tribute To Harris Wittels

    i've spent the last (almost) two months avoiding this because everything else was just too sad. of course this made me cry during the intro, but his birthday is tomorrow, so it's time to put the big girl pants on and laugh cry. thanks for this. <3