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  1. Move over I Can't Believe It's Not Butter because I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy Bang Bang!
  2. It's not delivery, it's delusions of grandeur: bow before your comedy master!
  3. Be sure to listen to U2's latest hit single "Holdmer, Thrillmer, Kissmer, Kilmer" found exclusively on the Valman Kilmever soundtrack.
  4. judgment_horse


    I heard the guys mention this in passing during the Jupiter Ascending episode and I think it's really worth checking out because really, how many movies out there has both Christopher Walken being abducted and an Eric Clapton Lethal Weapon type soundtrack? Oh, and at one point Walken actually starts dancing with aliens and gives them high fives. I shit you not.
  5. I did it,I finally did it.How I could've missed something 12 inches long and surrounded by matted hair I don't know but I've found my belly button!
  6. judgment_horse

    Eraser (1996)

    Seriously, you've got Arnold as a government "eraser" and a shit ton of Lethal Weapon style guitar licks throughout the entire movie. What's not to love? Did I mention rail guns and crocodile attacks?
  7. judgment_horse

    Over The Top

    How have you guys not watched the Stallone arm wrestling movie yet?! If nothing else motivates you to watch this, bear in mind, Stallone has a fucking exercise machine set up in his big rig (he's a trucker dad taking his kid on the road, of course.) purely so he can train to arm wrestle. This movie is insanity.
  8. Wake up sweetie, we're at Grandma's!