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    New chart?

    It can be called "Chart Tank" a guest pitches a chart to be done on the following weeks two charted to Howard and Kulap (possibly stard if applicable). It can be set up like shark tank and they need to convince them that it will be a good chart to do and explain why attempting to persuade them into doing it.
  2. Dave Grohl or Josh Homme!
  3. Dear How did this get made; I have been a really mediocre human being this year and am only requesting the following films be considered for topics (in no particular order, although I did number them): 1) Theodore Rex 2) The Pagemaster 3) Blackula 4) National Security V) Dumb and Dumber-er 6) Little Monsters 7)Trancers
  4. What's happenin' edible tube filled with pig parts?