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  1. Also BONUS, this is a recording of an actual Swatting prank call. This is someone making a call to the police to send a SWAT team to someone as a prank. The actual call starts at about 4 minutes in. (4:10 is the exact time) Upon listening to this call it looks like there isn't anything that substantial for Improv4humans to listen to or do improv off of but it's related to Swatting and might be an interesting listen. I'd delete this post but I can't find an option to do so, so I'm just adding that disclaimer that it might not be great to listen to on the podcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JWRzmOlejE
  2. Video of a video game streamer getting Swatted live. It starts around 30 seconds in. You can see the cops rush in and handcuff him on camera.
  3. Televangelists defend their private jets
  4. I am a human dildo my mistress do with me as you wish
  5. "A Sexy Surprise for Adult Vegans" Just play it from the beginning and you'll see enough.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIUlr9ii2dQ Insane Scientology endorsement video. It's 7 minutes long but the first minute or 2 is more than enough.
  7. [media]https://www.youtube....h?v=jLzgFkouSmc[/media] Video of an organ prodigy by the name of Cameron Carpenter explaining how they constructed the "touring organ" Really wish you could watch the whole thing but it's a little too long. The first couple minutes should do the job.