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  1. AdamKenter

    Episode 155 - Airborne: LIVE!

    Where is Devil's Backbone?
  2. AdamKenter

    Episode 155 - Airborne: LIVE!

    Ok, I live and grew up in Northern Kentucky and remember when this was being filmed. First hockey isn't big in Cincinnati. So any team wouldn't be a school sport. In fact hockey is such a none thing in Cincinnati that it's kind of odd it being a plot point. Second I love Edie McClurg but if Cincinnati has a accent it would be maybe southern. Maybe. 3 there is no Devil's Backbone the race was filmed in Cincinnati and by my house in Dayton KY. Also most of those areas aren't even connected. We see them at the old Riverfront Stadium, areas around Cincinnati then suddenly on Route 8 a very dangerous road, and places around my house in Dayton Ky. Then areas around Northern Kentucky. The writer must have never visited Cincinnati and just picked it out of a hat.
  3. AdamKenter

    Dream a Little Dream (1989)

    This is by far my all time favorite movie. And I still have no idea what happens in it. The soundtrack is really really good.
  4. AdamKenter

    Prayer of the Rollerboys (1990)

    This movie needs to be done. It is borderline amazing and insane.
  5. AdamKenter

    Vibes (1988)

    What happens when Madonna is taking all the great roles in the 80's? Well if you're Cyndi Lauper you star in Vibes.
  6. here is the Trailer of this amazing movie. you have to watch the Mini Documentary that comes with this amazing film. and the Commentary is pretty cool too. This is something everyone needs to experience to see the start of Oingo Boingo, the Kipper Kids, and the Directors Land Lord. Go... Now... and be amazed.