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    U2 trivia challenge!

    Imagine I can photoshop and I attach an image of the Rattle and Hum cover with the ACHTUNG. BAAABYY album cover over the Edge playing his git fiddle. I bequeath my question privileges to anyone who wants them
  2. Having listened to this episode recently, as well as seeing video of U2 play early tracks (I Will Follow, Gloria, Out of Control) on the i&e tour, I demand a track by track discussion of Boy. They wouldn't shut up about how dated some of the record is, and sure it is. But it's really good! Besides I Will Follow & Out of Control (the two songs they played) Electric Co, Stories for Boys (they ended the ep with the single version), Boy/Girl (from the first EP), Twilight, An Cat Dubh, and 11 O'clock Tick Tock are all great. I would love to hear the bros go back over this forgotten gem like they did with the other records.
  3. DannyRobbins

    EPISODE 22 - U2 Talk 2 U

    My favorite moment of the ep (sorry if someone else mentioned this): Edge: "You are a wrap artist Adam" Bono: "He's a ha- very good the Edge" I laughed very hard at this sincere response to a Scott Aukerman style witty quip.
  4. Actually, Lady Gaga was wearing a U2 t-shirt to have a bit of a laugh, and Bono was like "Uh, excuse me but uh, we need to sell that to make some extra money to buy Edge some gourmet doughnuts for his breakfast. Might as well sell your shorts too, y'know taxes in New York are pretty high." (Imagine Bono saying this in Scott's spot on Irish accent). So they took the everything, including the fuckin T-shirt off her back.
  5. DannyRobbins


    I would like Scott to give me his personal phone number and trust that I would keep it to myself and not text him incessantly. I am not a psycho and would not cause Scott the inconvenience of making him get a new phone number. All I would do is say "good ep" or "great ep" whenever I enjoy his content. Perhaps a question or two every once in a while if there's a reference I don't understand.
  6. DannyRobbins

    EPISODE 341 — Banging the Table with Stars

    Claudia's Carrie impression was so good. And it was so hilarious how she was offended by Stars saying it was better. The sex and the city movie was on TV the other day as I entered the room, and I heard Carrie narrate, "I couldn't help but wonder..." And I was immediately taken back to this episode. BEST OF 2015 CANDIDATE
  7. DannyRobbins

    EPISODE 360 — Snow Dome

    Hey, did anyone else hear "He hasn't fucked me since then" when Fitch was talking about his fight with Amad? I was sure that's what he said and was really surprised they didn't comment on that at all. I guess he actually said "bugged me"?
  8. DannyRobbins

    Lists involving the band U2

    Listen broseph, I don't know how this website works. I don't know how to like my own post, so there's no way I intentionally liked my own post. Is it the check mark thing?
  9. DannyRobbins

    Lists involving the band U2

    (For some reason my phone accidentally posted the reply before I finished) I think that it is ridiculously funny that they say "sexy boots" because of how little sense it makes, and they throw it in the middle of an album that has an intense feel to it. Sure it doesn't fit, but at least it showed some sort of light-heartedness. I will admit, that song prevented the success of the album as a whole. What if we lived in a world where "Invisible" was the single to NLOTH and Get on Your Boots was maybe worked on a little longer, rewrote and made into what Invisble was, the appetizer to Songs of Innocence. Sexy Boots for life.
  10. DannyRobbins

    Lists involving the band U2

    This list is insane, but honestly Get on Your Boots does not deserve all the flack. If you remember the NLOTH ep, the Scotts liked the opening riff (which is most of the song, and granted a tad repetitive) and they like the chorus (the "you don't know" "you don't get it do you"). It's a catchy song, and enjoyable if the lyrics don't ruin it for you. I, for one, think
  11. DannyRobbins

    U2 trivia challenge!

    Ol' Bono sent it on a first class flight so he could get it back, and then when he was reunited with it he immediately took a shit in it. Question #12: What does freedom smell like?
  12. Bernard Shakey loves to eat mayonnaise straight from the jar.