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  1. Mohcocoa

    Episode 463 - 2016 Holiday Spectacular

    Wait, where was the Ottawa Senators reference?!? I somehow missed that...
  2. Mohcocoa

    Episode 410 - You Know John Leguizamo

    Besides being an all around great ep, we also got our 2nd Teresa Heinz Kerry reference in 4 months. And funnily enough, the first reference was made by a Will Hines character.
  3. That was one of the darkest Spontaneanation endings yet. I loved it.
  4. Freezing rain is the bane of my pain, because it breaks my back with a thunderous crack.
  5. Mohcocoa

    Best of 2015 Pt. 3

    I didn't vote for Cafeteriapalooza, but I re-listened to that one yesterday and now I wish I had. Goldthwait's always a great interview and Wengert and Hines' characters were both the perfect balance of weird and hilarious. I laughed harder at that episode than #14-9 on the Best Of list.