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    I"m into good podcasts. Must be a minimum of C+ quality.
  1. McDean

    Episode 394 - Wisconsin Sugar Babies

    It was a really small comment, but Todd's reverence and worship of the Timekeeper makes me really hope that everyone but Scott feels that the Maxwell Keeper is the New Prophet In and About Time.
  2. To get back at Mr. O'Brien for not listening to my best Harry and Shane, I stopped the podcast cause I wasn't going to listen to him either. Like I'd give my attention to "Sike No-Tryin'"!
  3. Since we heard everyone's favorite NYC (New York Community) story, maybe we should share our own? Mine has to be Pizza Rat. That little feline had me laughing so hard like come on ya dingus you don't eat pizza! Only in New York.
  4. I want the boys together again. As Thin (Lizzie) once said, the boys are back in town and these boys need to be back in town! I mean, they don't call it Hayes-ywood Handbook: An Insider's Guide to Kicking Butt and Dropping Names in the Red-Carpet-Lined Back Hallways of this Industry We Call Sean-biz for nothing!
  5. McDean

    EPISODE 135 — Hunchback Ticks

    Oh my it's nice to see swarms of things and get obliterated. Also, Ken and Steve's enjoyment of each other makes me happy. By the by, if Hug ever dies, we need to record Taps on a flugelhorn.
  6. I had to wake up early this morning but imagine my joy when I see the little (1) in my podcast queue! IMAGINE IT. I'm exactly like Scott. You gotta know where we're gonna meet and when, bro.
  7. "We've started on a needlessly sour note, and-" -plonk- Eban, you are simmmmmmmmply the best.
  8. McDean

    Character Drawings

    This explains why the party puts up with some of her more "eccentric" behaviors.
  9. McDean

    Season 2 plot(?) theory

    I've got an inkling that this recent magical blip will be the first step towards unlocking the mystery- don't forget that the first tunnel (from so many weeks ago) had a multi-colored delta system, one from each color we've seen so far.
  10. McDean

    EPISODE 134 — Prop Meat

    Did we do it? Did we finally learn the mysterious identiy of the wheelchair self-fellatio maestro?