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    Episode 146.5 - Minisode 146.5

    Hey Paul, ya dumdum! Sorry I'm a bit late to this party since I've been obsessed with one of your previous recommendations (Tanis) so I was behind on HDTGM. But I can't let this slide because you seemed so amazed that some dumb listener made a point about the ass-worm aliens being in the toilet. Well let me set you and them straight, because you've been suckered! Toilets are NOT CONNECTED to the "water supply"! Geeze, do you think we want to be drinking poo water? Toilets go to the sewer! Now, in some places sewage is heavily treated, filtered, and re-used as non-potable water, but unless you're living on the space station, no one but your dumb dog is drinking toilet water. "But what about the water coming into the toilet?" I hear you say. Have you ever looked inside a toilet tank when you weren't dropping a top decker at Jason's? The water comes in through a tiny tube that is air-gapped and valved... not to mention that rubber stopper. No ass-worm is going to climb up there and somehow get into the water main.
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    EPISODE 356 — Heynong Man

    Talkin' 'Tang