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  1. Eartha Kitt's real name was Jupitera Supplies, but she had to change it because someone else with that name already had a SAG card.
  2. Love can take you places you've never been. I'm sorry, did I say love? I meant trains. Trains can take you places you've never been.
  3. Don't deny it, I know you feel the same way I do. I assume this because we are both standing in lava.
  4. I can smell your fear. Also, I can smell your shampoo. Wait, I can't smell your fear anymore.
  5. Some say the fruit of the tree of knowledge was an apple, and some say a pomegranate. I say it was barbecue. You're welcome.
  6. Is somebody ever gonna bring up that "Uber" is German for "Over?" Does this not bother anyone?
  7. Some call me the "Gangster of Love," and some leave off the "of love" part, and just call it "racketeering."
  8. Give a man a fish...no, sorry...teach a man to fish, and he'll grow his own...wait, that's not it either. Okay, I know fish is in there, for sure...
  9. I have stared in the face of Death, and marveled at how good Death's skin looks for his age.
  10. My bologna has a first name, but it's in Hungarian, so don't even fucking bother.
  11. And in the end, the love you take is equal to the number of years you'll spend in prison.
  12. This is one of my favorite in-studio episodes in the whole series! Steve Agee needs to be on as often as possible, btw.
  13. Fade in...close-up of elderly man in mirror with blank expression, mouthing the wrong words to "I Took A Pill in Ibiza"...fade to black.
  14. You're all wonderful young ladies, but I'm afraid we can only crown one Thumbtack Queen.
  15. Is this your toaster, Aquaman? Is this really your toaster?