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  1. Couldn't quite contain my catlike curiosity, so upon hearing about this episode three weeks ago, I purchased a leaked Korean pirate DVD of it. Great ep! Absolutely faved out about the neon chartreuse-bordered pink subtitles! Didn't quite care for the weird porn advertised at the end. My favorite part of the ep? When they squared off fellow Survivor Winner Tony Vlachos against would-be hopeful two-steppin three-season fan favourite Russell Hantz in a no-hands-held game of Chachi, refereed by Cochran (for all the nerds too cool not to know what is Chachi, Chachi is a pop, or "popular", game in which the participants go into a diner, or a cafe, and attempt to "hit on", or "pick up" on a "babe", or shortie, by including the word "Chachi" in at least every other sentence {acceptable after 5 unsuccessful rounds (one round being 2 sentences each per contestant) of Chaching to substitute one 'Baio?' or, Scott Baio, for every third Chachi [;if sucessful Chaching, or "Baioing", has not resulted within 15 rounds, participants may resort to Fonzing]}). Twas truly a dream episode, can't wait to listen to the official version on the future android Howl app!
  2. Hunch Hondo

    Who is your HH dream guest?

    I think I'd really like them to have a serious upper-echelon sit down with Squawkerman. Dude needs to answer some fucking questions.
  3. Great ep. Thanks Hayes and Sean for pointing out how fucking creepy that was. I almost feel like they created that song just to try to tempt Bill Cosby to rape her.
  4. Hunch Hondo

    Who is your HH dream guest?

    I would say mine would have to be: Tim Heidecker, Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey, and Vince Vaughn. Who would I least like to see on the show? Vince Vaughn.
  5. Hi, I'm Squawk Hawkerman and I poop on seagulls.
  6. 7. Audiences generally have little to no ability to recognize gaping plot holes if there are pretty enough visuals.
  7. Biiiiig ol long shot, but perhaps survivorman winner Jon Cochran?
  8. I'd definitely recommend listening to P Shores ep, even tho I'm still not totally sure he reaallly know what's not to "gets" it. Also, wouldn't you agree that the best formula of art is actually song titles? Think about it: you've successfully condensed the entire meaning behind 3 or 4 minutes of music, ie all the notes, the riffs, vocals, drums and harmonies, into one nice'n'tiny lil package of a word. Now that's art, people! And if you think about it even more, if you're really good at reading song titles, you can probably get thru like 100 a day! Try doing THAT but by listening to 100 songs instead in a day. I dare you, ohhhhh sweet merganser I freakin dare you. The very thought of it quivers my mound (that's like a spooky baseball reference, right?).
  9. Does anybody else suffer from that disease where if a checkout girl asks you "is that all?" you compulsively say "No!" really enthusiastically. ... and then just stand there. Checkmate, checkout bitch.
  10. So are they only allowed to use the expression "Taz out" on the podcast because it would be making Sean turn into Taz a really good guy, whereas in reality Taz is an evil bad scary man? Still working out all the subtle legal implications of copyright law regarding the good/evil alignment of a trademark character. Also, what network is The Really Reality Show on? I've tried flipping thru all the usual suspects but I can't find it on Oxygen, Bravo, TruTV or even The Leaning Channel! PLEASE HELP! I need to gobble all the yummy content.
  11. Edit: I can't find the delete button.
  12. I feel... just... SO honored. I have faith I believe in Hugh manatee again. Very first pcg quesht, asked but dodged by Eggs no doubt due to a generous lubing by Greasenose. Always piggybacking, that donkey foot. Mr Scharpling, we have our eye out on you!
  13. Hunch Hondo

    Episode 95 — Mike Still, Our Close Friend

    Edit: I didn't actually edit anything in this post.
  14. Hunch Hondo

    Episode 95 — Mike Still, Our Close Friend

    We'll, I guess this just happened (first time trying to upload a pic here, hope it works) Edit: nope, didn't work.
  15. Hunch Hondo


    This movie has Pat Morita on the cover. He's in it for about 5 minutes lol. Make sure to get the vhs version.