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  1. tommychup

    Lucy (2014)

    I am about 40 minutes into this movie and I 10000000% agree it should be on HDTGM
  2. tommychup

    EPISODE 118 - Furious 7: LIVE

    so i JUST got around to watching and listening to this ep, and sorry if this was already brought up, but I'm 95% positive that Dwayne Johnson is watching old highlights of himself playing football at the University of Miami in the hospital room when it cuts to the breaking news. I could be wrong, but the number of the player making the sack lines up as does the jersey color scheme.
  3. tommychup

    EPISODE 115 — Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

    I didn't even think to look at it from that perspective. Thunder totally knew what he was doing.
  4. tommychup

    Vacation (2015)

    My least favorite part of the Vacation TV spots I've seen is when Ed Helms says "This Vacation will hold up to the original" or something along those lines. Blatantly stealing jokes made in 22 Jump Street and Hot Tub Time Machine 2 imo
  5. tommychup

    The Heat

    i'm fully on board for this. my gf made me watch it cause she loves it, and it was horrible
  6. as someone who was obsessed with MMPR growing up, how dare you. as someone who now understands how bad TMNT 2 was watching it as an adult, i welcome this
  7. tommychup

    EPISODE 115 — Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

    You guys talked about Thunder shitting on you by casting that German podcast duo, but you didn't mention how June was suggested as a baby name and April thought it was an AWFUL name. Her logic is "April, May.. June? Ugh, no.", but might this have been a little backhanded stab at you guys as well? Also, one logic think that stuck out to me... when it shows Matt Lauer saying goodbye to his crew, it cuts to Kathie Lee and Hoda(?) breaking bottles of wine in an effort to defend themselves, but they just point them at the camera with eyes focused on the camera as sharks are flying around them. Shouldn't they be looking elsewhere, or at least swinging the bottles around? Kathie Lee and Hoda did provide my only genuine laughter, with their intro when they show they are just going to drink while Sharknado is coming.
  8. tommychup

    Great episodes to introduce someone to CBB?

    My first CBB episode was actually PFT as Werner with Benny Swas. I think that's a good starter episode re: the gist of how CBB episodes work. It's got a celebrity impression, they play Would You Rather, etc