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  1. here's that Mancini song: and yes, Grand Puba is a rapper, he was in Brand Nubian with Sadat X, and they are both featured on this track from Handsome Boy Modeling School: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NxLeLmVYko
  2. Jug Bandit


    Me and Last Vanessa Buffin' Penny Pumps at Dunky's Farm
  3. Jug Bandit

    Season 3: Game 4 - Pistol Shrimps 4/26/16

  4. Jug Bandit

    Season 3: Game 3 - Pistol Shrimps 4/19/16

    Referee Timey Kangaroo Downsport
  5. Jug Bandit

    Season 3: Game 3 - Pistol Shrimps 4/19/16

    I hopped on my scoot scoot to pick up my toot toot name and it's Croft Lemurpants
  6. I think Paul snuck a little Foster Brooks in there for a second... Edited to add: Carla pimping for a game of charades on a podcast was brilliant, and I hope it earns her a seat at the Player's Ball. CACK ATTACK
  7. Jug Bandit

    Episode 3 - Ted Cruz Eats Lunch With Jesus

    Get those whale-print Nantucket Reds, amirite?
  8. Jug Bandit

    Season 3: Game 2 - Pistol Shrimps 4/12/16

    "Get out your S'mores, and color in your skin pores." I could listen to this all day, and maybe if I might I just may. "Swarmin on them like fries on a go-between"
  9. July Diaz, you have outdone yourself once again.
  10. Jug Bandit

    Episode 394 - Wisconsin Sugar Babies

    Agreed. I had to rewind, because when I heard "Our Lord and Saviour The Time Keeper," I stopped listening and instead got lost imagining the amazing possibilities.
  11. Jug Bandit

    Best of 2015 Pt. 4

    "I show up for these parts."
  12. Ask not, "For whom the bread bowls?" srsly don't ask
  13. ENDLESS HOLIDAY MIRACLES! Now you're just spoiling us.
  14. Salad, salad everywhere, but not a drop of dressing.
  15. Agreed, it's really easy to enjoy listening to someone talk about their passion, and he's a good speaker. In response to a question about the value of solo exercises, Ian talks briefly about using "flash" connotations to get to the game more quickly, then says he doesn't have time to go into it here. He does get into it here at about the 25 minute mark (although the whole interview is worth a listen): http://perlstein.podbean.com/e/50-ian-roberts/
  16. Technicality no down beef over?
  17. Jug Bandit

    EPISODE 391 - 2015 Holiday Spectacular

    Wake up. Put on pants. Check CBB line-up. Change pants.
  18. Jug Bandit

    Episode 390 - The Oh, Hello Show

    Cantina Plugs Theme! How sweet thy Wintry fruit, plucked from the same burst of song that soon after would birth my namesake, Oh! Cantina Plugs Theme! Go softly as the echoes from an angel's harp.
  19. This was a great episode with tons of gems. "We're the Callback Kids... Gotcha!" And yet, somehow, my heartiest laugh seemed to be at the sincerity with which, "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" was delivered in the midst of the Cher ad. Not looking for redemption. Just confessin'.
  20. I think it's been established as Forum Canon that it is also a book of Dark Magic. Or at least Secrets.
  21. Jug Bandit

    EPISODE 153 — Farewell...For Now

  22. Jug Bandit

    EPISODE 386 — Titbit for Tatbit

    The Winnie the Pooh voice actor who Bob thinks the Rev sounds like is the late Sterling Holloway, voice of my childhood turntable.
  23. Wait, I thought the Hollow Earth was filled with Nazi Hell-Creatures? Was I misinformed? For more fun stories about the Hollywood Halo Club and LAN parties at Paget Brewster's house, listen to the first ten minutes or so of Nerd Poker #49: http://www.earwolf.com/episode/battle-bot/
  24. Yeah that makes a lot more sense. Here I was super impressed by Craig's range on this ep, and it turns out I just forgot that the guests are getting in on the improv now. You know what I say to that? CACK-ATTACK
  25. Every time he would sneak up on the others with his Marcevan voice, I wanted to shout out, "Cack-Attack!" Jean Villepique was smart, charming, and delightful as always. I think I could happily listen to Colleen Smith yell incoherent insanity all day. Thanks!