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  1. Just realized this entire podcast is just Brandon Content for a melon baller....
  2. Is this a setup for an "old greggy has a mangina" thing? Because, I won't stoop that low. This isn't the Mighty Boosh forum.
  3. I'm still reeling from the fact that I apparently shared a show with Tom Sharpling in the Bit Bus. Should I get "Staff" above my username now? I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that. I mean, I've heard of the staff in my pants, but the staff on my head? Just wagging around up there? Because, one again, this is getting too sexual for my taste. This isn't Feral, after all.
  4. For real, though, how did Chris Pratt get so buff so quickly?
  5. Way to make me look like an asshole...
  6. "That lousy bitch is gonna regret breaking up with me now that I'm master of all weather!" Tom exhaled.
  7. Looked up the definition of "scallywag". I was unaware of it's dark etymology. I apologize for being a southern stereotype.
  8. Are you talking about the Pittsburg Pirates? Those dreaded scallywags...
  9. Also, once again, this thread is getting a little too sexual for my taste.
  10. Awful lot of goddamned photos in this thread...
  11. I'm really digging that sweet cross fade between the audio of the first two ads in this episode.
  12. For those waiting with bated breath; drug deal went well. Background song:
  13. That was a few years ago. Dick is currently in tip top shape.
  14. Tried to go to a walk in clinic, just in case it was a spider bite, but the nurse was young and cute, so I just turned around and went back home.
  15. I once had a mosquito bite my dick. At least I think it was a mosquito. Could have been a spider.