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  1. JustinPeacock

    Episode 447 - These Are the Worst

    I was thinking Willie Mapleton the whole time. Vocal frrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy.
  2. JustinPeacock

    Episode 417 - The 3 Year Diet

    I just had the struggle of not seeming like a mad man at work while listening to "that's your diet/that's you dyin". I'm pretty sure the fact that I couldn't laugh too loud made me laugh even harder.
  3. JustinPeacock

    Episode 408 - LIVE at SXSW 2016

    This episode killed me. I probably looked like a mad man as I was driving and laughing out loud because of the explanation of "beating around the bush". And also, has anyone else looked up an interview of someone Paul F. Tompkins impersonates and been let down because they don't really sound like his portrayal? It just happened with Len Wiseman. I knew it was unlikely, but I soooo wanted him to sound like that.
  4. JustinPeacock

    Episode 406 - Kid Detectives II

    Wow, I honestly didn't realize I would piss so many people off when I asked that question and expressed my opinion. Yeesh.
  5. JustinPeacock

    Episode 406 - Kid Detectives II

    Thanks, I will. I'll keep listening to CBB also though. Just because I don't like 2 characters doesn't mean I'm going to stop listening. I've enjoyed everything else I've heard over the past 6 years. Except for Scarsdale.
  6. JustinPeacock

    Episode 406 - Kid Detectives II

    If I hated the first Kid Detectives, is this any better, or just more of the same?
  7. JustinPeacock

    Episode 405 - Space Chemistry

    Am I the only one who loves it when Scott does his Paul Lynde impression?
  8. JustinPeacock

    Episode 396 - The Intern Challenge

    Yes! This was the one true intern challenge, resisting the urge to break character when asked about your real life, and Jessica BLEW IT. Gino forever!
  9. JustinPeacock

    Episode 395 - Yupparently

    I loved Gemberling getting flustered about being accused of sounding like Steven Avery, but also not being able to NOT talk about it either. Anytime they brought it up, as much as he wanted to stay in character, he still had to express his opinion on MaM. I feel like Gene Rottenberry deserves a second appearance.
  10. JustinPeacock

    EPISODE 149 — Ambassador of Evil

    Am I the only one that got super excited when they brought up the possibility of wishing away from the giant land?
  11. JustinPeacock

    EPISODE 147 — Work That Dagger Like a Stick Shift

    I absolutely love how much Brendon's role playing kills Steve. Great episode!
  12. JustinPeacock

    EPISODE 145 — Moon Festival

    I'm a HUGE fan of this. It's very refreshing to have NPC's that actually have conversations instead of muttering and immediately attacking.