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  1. So have I. I'm more ashamed that I knew the actor you mentioned is Larry Drake without having to look it up.
  2. Either that or I would watch and
  3. This is a much-better-quality copy on Amazon Prime. https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B07G5WGYR9/ref=atv_dp_share_cu_r
  4. The good news is that I won't have a large list of words to select from for my Movie of the Weekend.
  5. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 88 Head

    For my Movie of the Weekend, I chose Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot (2018). I forgot my original intention of the program, which was to pick another movie with a word from the discussion's title. For Velvet Goldmine I chose National Velvet. Yet last time I forgot and made it rhyming. Couldn't find anything like Titanic so I went the opposite direction and picked Fantastic Voyage. This week I did the same with a "foot" title instead of "head". Next time I'll try to go back to the original deal. Read below for a semi-spoiled review.
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    Musical Mondays Week 88 Head

    Only slightly better
  7. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 88 Head

    When you want to advertise your movie why not produce a poster that makes no sense and tells the audience nothing?
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    Musical Mondays Week 88 Head

    This is my favorite. Until recently I thought it was one of the weirdest songs I had ever heard, like "Who would write a song like this?" Now I see it's a fairly standard song with just unusual (to me) music.
  9. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 88 Head

    I watched a YouTube movie review that mentioned this. According to the review the group was originally intended to only exist in the TV show. Once the members showed themselves as real musicians and songwriters, they wanted to be respected as a group. The movie was intended to depict the struggles the band (and by extension, anyone with fame) found themselves in, being shoved into a box time and time again.
  10. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 88 Head

    We've found the person who's going to pick Elephant Parts for their next selection.
  11. Thanks everyone! I got sprung today (thanks to the Rita Hayworth poster and my tunneling). I have to wear an IV pump for 6 weeks to deliver antibiotics to my PICC line 3 times a day. That's going to be a major pain.
  12. I saw a link for a documentary labeled "From The Monkees to Head". Not sure how to take that.
  13. I will check it out if I get out of here in time.
  14. I’m working on a remake of My Left Foot.
  15. Here’s the link with the opening credits. https://youtu.be/3SSi43FGLt8
  16. I’m back in the hospital for a few days. Got a new infection (NOT coronavirus) my left foot and the oral antibiotics weren’t helping. Getting doses of IV antibiotics. I don’t expect this to be a long-term stay. Just enough to cure the infection. I will, though, be working from home when I get out.
  17. I’m glad you put Head in bold and italics. Otherwise I would say no.
  18. Also I want to thank all of you nuts for being out there and helping keep me connected.
  19. I didn't want to try and find a movie with a Titanic rhyming title so I went in the opposite direction. I re-watched Fantastic Voyage, where people are miniaturized to fix a brain hemorrhage. I used to love this movie and would be right there ogling over Raquel Welch. Now I have real problems with the story and the quite overt sexism. I am not a fan of a story where people risk their very existence just to heal the person who has the capacity to shrink armies and wage war all over the world. I WOULD, however, like to audition for the role of the person who knocks antibodies off Raquel's chest but other than that I can't recommend this movie.