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  1. Under the Cherry Moon is currently free to rent or $4.99 to buy on Prime Video. I can no longer confirm this. I tried purchasing then cancelled and went back to rent. Now it's listed at $2.99 rental and $9.99 purchase for me.
  2. The concert film Sign O' the Times is available for free on Prime Video.
  3. I haven't (but will early next week). I know, that makes me a
  4. Addendum: A little while later I was dating a lady. We went to a Christmas party where we were the main attraction (for being a couple in a nerdy group, the group we met in). I asked the DJ to play the second side of the Purple Rain album and he made it a spotlight dance so only we could dance. That wasn't what I intended and we didn't make it through all the songs.
  5. That is a great question. If you can see it as a date do that. I think it has more impact when you're seeing it with someone. My date was uneventful (though I tried) but I still have fond memories of the event and the movie. I will be seeing it as a date (if you can count my two cats as my dates).
  6. I loved The Boys once I finished the final episode of Season 1.
  7. WOW! I got a free month with Netflix even though I'm a previous subscriber. Very cool!
  8. Guess this is my cue to sign back up with Netflix for a month or so. There's a show I want to at least sample (GLOW - I have a crush on Betty Gilpin).
  9. Soulful remake (yeah, right)
  10. I like it! I remember seeing it in the theaters when it came out. Took a date to it.
  11. If it will help speed things up...
  12. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 85 Velvet Goldmine

    Watched National Velvet tonight for the first time. I had read the book when I was a kid but don’t remember ever seeing the movie. I loved the dynamic between the husband and wife. Yes, the husband was a blowhard throughout but he wasn’t nearly as strict or out of touch as the dad in Meet Me in St. Louis.
  13. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 85 Velvet Goldmine

    It was either that or Inside the Goldmine but that only has a 2.2 rating on IMDB.
  14. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 85 Velvet Goldmine

    As a side project, we have to watch a movie that shares a word or words with the title of the selected movie. Therefore, this weekend, everyone has to watch National Velvet with Elizabeth Taylor in it.
  15. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 85 Velvet Goldmine

    Metflix is the New York-specific (Queens mainly) version of Netflix.
  16. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 85 Velvet Goldmine

    I know, right? They should have asked Jane's Addiction.
  17. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 85 Velvet Goldmine

    I had trouble finding any international posters. Only one Japanese (I assume) and a German poster were any different. @CamBert, some help please?
  18. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 85 Velvet Goldmine

    One thing that really bothered me was Shannon getting so upset when Curt and Brian left the party to go have sex. I don't remember Shannon being emotionally tied to either of them before that point. (Shannon was being serviced when that happened. I don't remember but was Curt the one servicing her then he stopped to leave with Brian?) Obviously Mandy wasn't happy about it but she didn't get drop-dead emotional about it. I loved her line "Everyone looks beautiful when they walk out the door."
  19. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 85 Velvet Goldmine

    Something in Wikipedia said it was supposed to show how glam rock allowed Christian to be comfortable to come out, that it helped many boys and men in Britain in the 70s. Not sure I agree with it but there it is. To me, the movie felt like it should have been made in 1984. It had a filmic quality that I would have associated with the beginnings of video instead of nearing the end of the Nineties. (Two years later Christian became Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Also set in the mid-80s but with a higher "look" to it.) I am not steeped in glam so many of the references flew over my head. Reading Wikipedia they mention a New York Dolls song was also used. I am only familiar with them because of David Johannsen singing in the 80s as Buster Poindexter. Seems like the Dolls would have been a good group to mention/emulate as they were literally from New York. I don't know how long they carried the glam look so I might be way off base.
  20. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 84 Fame

    Here's the big finale.