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  1. Here's the actual video for tomorrow.
  2. Off-topic: Andrew Lloyd Webber's Pandemic YouTube channel has branched from only his shows. Starting tomorrow through Sunday they're showing a stage version of Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds. A rock musical from 1978, they updated it and called it The New Generation (with Liam Neeson as The Narrator). I was introduced to the original 30 years ago and was a big fan for a while. I just bought the new version CDs and have the original version on the way. (I can't justify buying the multi-disc special edition. That's too much for something I only listen to occasionally. EDIT: The schedule is from 2 pm Eastern (7 pm UK) on Friday the 23rd, to 2 pm Eastern on Sunday the 25th. They are fastidious about pulling down the video but usually will post a small clip afterward.
  3. This is a fairly interesting video covering parts of the movie we've discussed and some we haven't.
  4. This episode of the home-improvement show George to the Rescue has them remodeling a bedroom for a cancer patient who loves books. There are Wardrobe-inspired touches. (The reveal starts at 17:15.)
  5. Off-topic: The Dictator comes to Amazon Prime on November 14th. I'll check it out to see if Jason's still in it.
  6. I liked the selection of records on the turntable and that the punched a hole through the middle block of the new logo.
  7. I call BS. I know Paul McCartney's released more than two albums!
  8. The evacuees included children who had parents.
  9. In rereading Richard Sherman's quote he mentions the kids are orphans so Eglantine could adopt them. I'm not sure the movie makes that clear. (When you say "orphan", do you mean "a person that has lost their parents", or orphan "frequently"?)
  10. Apologies for threadjacking. I hadn't meant to but was having fun joking around. As for the movie, my biggest "quibble" is that they still tried to make it Mary Poppins once they already had secured and then made Mary Poppins. They should have gone back and said "What made these books popular on their own?" or at least "What first interested us in the books?" and gone with that. It's almost like they were trying to make a direct-to-video sequel of Mary Poppins. The other fatal flaw was cutting the length of the movie to fit the Radio City Music Hall. Not only did it change the film (quoted below) but the trimmed parts were lost or hard to restore. So, everyone across the country has seen a version that was done to accommodate one specific location! Here's a quote from Richard Sherman about losing the children singing Nobody's Problems.
  11. I was approached by an authority and told I shouldn't have posted about my anagram.
  12. "Inelegant" is the only intelligible anagram I could find of "Eglantine".
  13. I meant to mention the line you said most during the Kast showing was (paraphrased) "Don't show them your knob, kid."
  14. SO MUCH THIS! Also, Paul still has the bedknob. Can he use it when he goes back to London, away from Eglantine?
  15. Agreed. It's so inelegant.
  16. Using A Mighty Wind to fill our sails, we sail on to...?
  17. You just need to join the room and then I can start the movie. I'm playing a different one right now to test the connection.
  18. If you're "gigitastic" in Kast then I sent a friend request and a room invite.
  19. Just posted the link.
  20. Here's the link for my room. You'll need to set up a login for Kast if you don't have one already.
  21. Got a similar bargain on Footlight Parade, one of my favorite Busby Berkeley 1930's musicals. Got it on Amazon for $4.99 and Vudu wanted $9.99. I saved $15 on two movies!
  22. I haven't watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks yet. I'll do a Kast showing at 9 p.m. Eastern tonight if anyone wants to watch it with me.