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  1. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 80 The Greatest Showman

    As others have said the soundtrack outlasts the movie (except for the piano duet -- that works wonderfully for me on the screen and not so much on the soundtrack). It also seems a little strange that Zac would be a rope master during his duet with Zendaya. It would have worked for me more if he had taken a "leap of faith" and let her hold him to show his love for her instead of him matching her in some spots. My other big part is Charity's role over all. Her character was great as a kid and on the rooftop where he gives his daughter the projector. She was good during the hammering song and when she shows that she bought the 3 tickets. After that she kind of disappears. It would have been good to see a slow burn on her part where he succeeds more and more and they show her increasing loneliness before she leaves him. Then she takes him back at first chance? I admit the entire movie charmed the socks off me the first time, to the point I saw it several more times in the theater. However watching it since points up the holes more. (Granted most movies do that and I try not to binge-watch TV shows for the same reason.) This was a great pick and I appreciate the chance to revisit it.
  2. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 80 The Greatest Showman

    I agree completely having a singing actress would have been much better. For me the greater "sin" is having such a bad song as her "debut". This is a woman who sold out La Scala singing a song that just repeats over and over? This shows her great range and talent? For me, hardly. Not to mention the "affair" took away completely from the story for me. As others mentioned, it's a case of making a hero the villain. There was no affair. Jenny famously donated most or all of her earnings to charities. She married the man who was her accompanist on the tour.
  3. Speaking of New York, a lot of it was filmed at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn.
  4. Tom Cruise is an elf in real life.
  5. Kind of like Ladyhawke?
  6. So when do we meet Pennywise's twin brother Poundfoolish?
  7. I also should add the shadowcast doesn't really add much for me if the cast is trying to be a faithful reproduction of the movie. I went to one performance and it was distracting to try and watch the performers as well as the movie (and try to remember lines to shout out). The first times I saw the movie there was a minimal cast. It was just people dressed up doing a basic version. That was more fun.
  9. This was a promo done during the live A Christmas Story to get people interested in the movie.
  10. I haven't seen Legend. I suppose I need to rectify that.
  11. It's a horrible role but I liked Tim Curry's terrorist in McHale's Navy. It wasn't a good role but he tried his best. Clue is definitely my favorite. He was also in a Hercule Poirot episode, Appointment with Death, as an archeologist.
  12. Go big or go home. Don't half-ass it. (He also wrote Stuart Little.)
  13. His name is Robert Paulsen.