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  1. OH MY GAWD GUYS. First of all let me say I THOUGHT this was The Rocketeer. It was a full 25 minutes in before I thinking, "I though Jennifer Connolly was in this?" This one was the worst. I know that may sound hyperbolic, bus as I have to speak subjectively here, the movie has had the WORST effects on my life since watching it just to listen to this podcast. My wife started getting angry within the first 10 minutes of me putting it on, and I have since come to learn all the ways that this movie may have permanently damaged our relationship. Even trying to joke about how bad it was in the ensuing days post-viewing has elicited increasingly bitter, hostile glares. You guys, she was so pissed about me making her watch that movie, even hearing people joke about how awful it was on the podcast pissed her off because, as she says, it makes her think about that movie again. I've been with this woman for almost 20 years and our love for each other has endured through a lot and even though I've spent over a decade softening her up to the idea of watching 'bad' movie for their 'entertainment value', this movie has undone years of MST3K and LaffTrax conditioning. I think our relationship will survive, but I think I'm going have to give up on getting her to watch the four original Planet of the Apes sequels. HDTGM has now been relegated to a 'headphones' only zone in my house for the time being.
  2. Dr_Revelator

    Geostorm (2017)

    This was so bad, my wife suggested it for "that podcast you make me listen to about bad movies." That is one hell of an endorsement for this show. Our relationship has been shaky ever since I made her watch Rhinestone and then relive it by listening to the podcast. She considers it double torture. I couldn't stop shaking my head during this movie.
  3. Dr_Revelator

    When/Where was the voting for countdown show?

    Ooooohhhhh! Thanks....I never go to the mainpage! LOL
  4. I guess I missed it, but when I heard Scott mention the countdown show next week, it dawned on me I never saw the list of clips to vote on.... did I miss it? Thanks.
  5. Hee hee, water and battery juice is yucky. Is my mouth melthuugh ughhhh aaalllllghhhhhh?
  6. Dr_Revelator

    Episode 4 - Commercials

    This ep made me remember this commercial from late night TV in 1986. https://youtu.be/hlXGYPBvHoQ
  7. Dr_Revelator

    24 - Songs of Experience

    I hate U2 and can't stand their music, but I never miss this encyclopedic recounting of everything U2. (Bonus.... reading all the iTunes comments from U2 fans who have written tomes on how Scott and Scott make a lot of stupid jokes and hate this show while listening to this show made it hard to breathe, I was laughing so hard.)
  8. The people who "show" to talk interesting!
  9. Dr_Revelator

    Can we please retire Fast and Furious from HDTGM?

    I agree. Listening to this last episode and the gang gushing on how much they loved it, there was really no question of how those movies get made.... its called "lowest common denominator" and it makes millions and millions of dollars.
  10. Dr_Revelator

    Episode 161 - The Fate of the Furious

    How did it get made? Because of millions and millions of dollars to be made. I'm glad so many people like the franchise, but there really was no question of "How it got made" based on the receipts. I'm glad to get back to moves that deserve the question and my time.
  11. Dr_Revelator

    Next (2007)

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0435705/ My wife has quite the knack for finding the worst movies on Netflix.... last night I came in to find her watching "Next" with Nick Cage. Uhhhhhhh...... whuh????????next Perfect movie for HDTGM
  12. Dr_Revelator

    Body Double (1984)

    I just re-watched this movie after not having even thought about it in more than 25 years! OMG!!!!! There is even a case for a whole Jacob's Ladder-like scenario for the ending. C'mon guys, this is the perfect movie for HDTGM! Much better than the whole "FAST&Fuckall" franchise!
  13. I came across the file where I'd isolated and saved Paul F. Thompkins as Alan Thicke and Scott Aukerman singing the theme to "Diff'Rent Strokes on Comedy Bang Bang in 2014. I contemplated recreating the original opening using footage I could track down of PFT and SA, but instead of wasting my entire day with that, I chose instead to simply lay the audio on top of the video of the original and was pretty impressed at how much it lines up. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McFgGlFnvhg
  14. Dr_Revelator

    EPISODE 126 - The Star Wars Holiday Special

    My first thought was not that they'd bring in the Duke boys, with Chewie and Han, that'd be waaaay too much macheezmo; but instead, CBS would cross-promote by putting Roscoe and Enos as imperial commanders.