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  1. CarloVanstiphout

    Top 10-15 Movies of the Year

    Hahaha, yeah a huge part of me loving them is definitely the part that makes them impossible to take serious. They're just dumb, campy fun.
  2. CarloVanstiphout

    Top 10-15 Movies of the Year

    It's weird, even though The Final Girls has so many ties to the horror genre; it's too meta to be considered pure horror. Does that make any sense? Anyway, I dug it. I liked that Thomas Middleditch is in it because I like Silicon Valley and his sense of humor. I liked the tone of the self-aware comedy, and how it was riffing on some of my favorite movies growing up (the Friday the 13th series in particular, but not limited to).
  3. CarloVanstiphout

    Top 10-15 Movies of the Year

    Stuff I'd like to mention: - The Final Girls, because of how it pays hommage but also parodies slasher flicks - Ex Machina, because Alex Garland is the man - Bone Tomahawk, because staches & cannibals
  4. CarloVanstiphout

    Darkman (1990)

    I highly second this recommendation. Suspension of disbelief taken to a whole 'nother level right here.