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  1. CarloVanstiphout

    Episode 183 - Ladybugs: LIVE!

    Hope I'm not too late with this for the Mini-episode but just listened to the episode and: Remember how Paul alluded to that opera-movie Furie & Dangerfield wanted to develop together? Well, that totally happened, but without Furie. In 2002 Dangerfield starred in "The Fourth Tenor," a movie about "A restaurant owner who falls in love with an opera singer and, desperate to impress her, travels to Italy to learn how to sing." Yep: https://letterboxd.c.../the-4th-tenor/ (edit: I see grudlian also posted about this, weird I did a search but nothing came up, my bad!)
  2. CarloVanstiphout

    Faust: Love of the Damned (2000)

    oh hell yes this movie if Rob Huebel liked the "LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR" factor of Jason X, wait till he gets a load of this
  3. CarloVanstiphout

    My Demon Lover (1987)

    came here to post the trailer, saw the work was already done nice
  4. CarloVanstiphout

    Secret Agent Double-O-Soul (1990)

    Oh yes, this movie. I wonder if I can get that up on Youtube without any problems......
  5. CarloVanstiphout

    Tough Guys Don't Dance (1987)

    Watched this today, oh man oh god indeed. This needs to be covered just so Blake Harris gets an excuse to start doing some digging on this baffling production. Imagine Tommy Wiseau wrote a spec script for Twin Peaks, someone only cleaned up the language to sound like actual English, but changed nothing else; then Golan & Globus got like, Vampire's Kiss Nic Cage to be an acting coach; and finally put everyone on a strict diet of cocaine. I'm 100% convinced that every ounce shown in the movie is the real deal, and NONE of it went to waste. Everyone in this movie is certifiable, and the grandiose garbage that comes out of their mouths is mind boggling. Not even kidding when I say Wings Hauser is the most nuanced part of this ludicrous equation. Well, he does slur the words "I made you come 16 times in one night" after he just had a stroke, but still.
  6. CarloVanstiphout

    Vibrations (1996)

    Another bump for this one. If you want another tekno-time capsule the likes of Hackers this would do very well. Although Hackers is a pretty competent film in comparison.
  7. CarloVanstiphout

    Pieces (1982)

    Pieces is fantastic but it seems too... cult-ish for HDTGM? I could be wrong, hopefully.
  8. CarloVanstiphout

    Vampire's Kiss (1988)

    Yeah this is going to be legendary. One of the all-time WTF movies. Premium Nic Cage.
  9. CarloVanstiphout

    Sleepwalkers (1992)

    Reviving this thread because I just rewatched it and holy shit would this be perfect for HDTGM. https://www.dropbox.com/s/p436x268lkgtc4v/copkebob.gif?dl=0
  10. CarloVanstiphout

    Escape from New York (1981)

    Are you high.
  11. CarloVanstiphout

    Episode 141.5 - Minisode 141.5

    Yeah, Ricochet is fantastic. Not as fantastic as Virtuosity, though, when we're talking insane 90's Denzel thrillers. Now that would've been a double bill. Not a fan of The Shadow/Phantom at all.
  12. CarloVanstiphout

    No Retreat, No Surrender (1986)

    Yes, this movie is amazing and needs to be done.
  13. CarloVanstiphout

    Ask Paul!

    Paul, are you aware that Stewart Raffill who directed Mac & Me and Mannequin Two also made a little movie called "Tammy and the T-Rex" starring Denise Richards, Paul Walker AND Terry Kiser? Basically Terry Kiser plays a scientist who steals Paul Walker's brain and hooks it up to an animatronic T-Rex, bringing it to life. A bunch of crazy, crazy stuff happens and in the end the T-Rex gets killed and suddenly Paul Walker's brain is hooked up to a camcorder in Denise Richards' room and she does a PG striptease for him and he cums and that is how the movie ends.
  14. CarloVanstiphout

    Tammy & The T-Rex (1994)

    My favorite part is at the end where Paul Walker is a camcorder and then Denise Richards does a PG striptease for him and he obviously cums.
  15. CarloVanstiphout

    Uncle Sam (1996)

    Anyway I just watched this and I would really not recommend it at all. Far too sluggish to be a fun watch.