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    Episode 253. Cats

    What I don't understand is why this movie is so dark and serious. CATS is meant to be fun and silly. Heck, the stage show breaks the fourth wall all the time. This show is meant to be for kids, so I have no idea why this movie is so sexual. It's alienating your biggest market! I heard many parents walked out of this thing after 10 minutes.
  2. Strange, I bought this movie on iTunes years ago and it isn't on their store anymore. It isn't available in the US for whatever reason. It isn't available for streaming on Amazon either. Did Neil Breen fight to have it removed from all streaming sites or something forcing everyone to buy it from his crappy website?
  3. JonathanVik

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    Classic lines from Ebert's .5 star review.
  4. I drove me crazy how little Lili Taylor and David Duchovny seemed to care about their daughter. They took their daughter's absence so lightly that I almost forgot she was a character sometimes. They should both be heartbroken that their daughter was so close yet so far away. I also don't get why both of them just assumed that their daughter would come back one day as if it was a given. Should Lili Taylor just decide what college her daughter is going to? What happens when their daughter gets back? She'll be in a major she never wanted! Lili Taylor was so careless with her daughter's life it was crazy!
  5. JonathanVik

    Episode 185 - Adore

    It would help if this movie had more than twenty minutes of dialogue and that is a generous estimation.
  6. JonathanVik

    Episode 185 - Adore

    Any idea what the fight where the boys almost killed each other was about? It happened randomly and was never mentioned again.
  7. JonathanVik

    Episode 179 - Second Sight: LIVE!

    Anyone else thought that Bobby was a girl at first? That long hair really threw me off.
  8. JonathanVik

    Episode 174 - Jason X: LIVE!

    Holy crap, they made four novels based off of Jason X. They aren't cheap either. They are at least 50+ on eBay each.
  9. JonathanVik

    Episode 173 - Virtuosity: LIVE!

    Another question, how in the world does the prison staff deal with the constant paper the inmates throw down from their cells? That must be a nightmare to clean up.
  10. JonathanVik

    Emoji Movie (2017)

    Thank God Dunkirk beat this at the box office this weekend. Hail Nolan!
  11. JonathanVik

    Emoji Movie (2017)

    [media=''] [/media] Right now it has 0% of RT. I repeat 0%. 0 fresh 22 rotten. It is being called "The Poochie of movies".
  12. JonathanVik

    Episode 165 - Ninja Terminator: LIVE!

    So it has been established that the Ninja Statue thing makes your arms and body immune to damage, but what about the legs? If the statute grants you complete invulnerability, shouldn't it contain the whole body and not just arms and torso?
  13. JonathanVik

    The Devil Inside (2012)

    They should do this movie just for their reaction to the ending alone.
  14. 175 million budget and it only made 15.4 million opening weekend in the US and has a 26% on RT. It's a medieval epic no one wanted or asked for. The studio wanted this to start a six film franchise with the possibility of spinoffs. Like Gods of Egypt, it's a disaster in every way. A perfect choice for the show I think. [media=''] [/media]
  15. So, what is Celeste exactly? Is she an energy being, a humanoid, or a snake thing like Bag? Is she mortal at the end or not? Also, why did no one notice Celeste's spaceship landing in front of the party? That house had huge glass windows and many people were facing that way when it landed.