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    Episode 437 - Fart Face Fuckers 2

    Well I went back and listened to it about five more times. For me it just falls in the same category as "I'm your intrepid host," "your brave host," etc etc. So then his reaction wasn't genuine, but more of a "ha! why would I do this thing, this thing that I always do?" I can't be the only one that agrees? But maybe I'm giving his meta-comedic game too much cred.
  2. "I hate TJ Miller, and he'll never work in THIS town or on this podcast for as long as we both shall live. Now here's a catchphrase submission from @nottjmiller."
  3. closdubois

    Episode 437 - Fart Face Fuckers 2

    Once again, there's a tendency to drown out the women on the show. Or maybe the women just don't impose their opinions as much as dudes. Holland's been on a ton of times, too, so I'm surprised she gets interrupted or ignored as much still.
  4. closdubois

    Episode 437 - Fart Face Fuckers 2

    This deal could not have come at a better time, though. Thanks for the dollarshaveclub.com/bangbang offer!!! Why? It wasn't particularly funny. He does that all the time.