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  1. Roast Beef, Roast Grief, Roast Daddy Lick My Teef
  2. Justinstinstin


  3. Is This The Time For Plugs? By Yellow Bellied Sullivan https://soundcloud.c...-time-for-plugs
  4. I'm not a local, but that doesn't mean I can't make a local reference in this catchphrase... Uh... Pizza hotdog fire?
  5. Working hard, or hardly working, or Chris Hardwick twerking while eating beef jerky?
  6. Fade in: We see an old man sobbing outside of a Wendy's. "The sandwich was too spicy!" He cries. Fade out. Roll credits.
  7. She then buried her head into the bowl of grapes and screamed, "Dance! Music! Sex! Romance!"
  8. And as I crouched down, I realized that someone had, in fact, stamped a handful of marshmallows into the grey-green carpet of my bedroom.
  9. Recent studies have showed that "lemon" and "women" sort of rhyme.
  10. I can't speak Russian, but I have seen 'Fools Rush In' starring Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry.
  11. Behold! The divine light flows through my veins, it's power ripples the very air around me! What say you, blasphemer? What say you, denier of truths? I command you to speak! wag the cursed tongue that has so often lashed out like a vile wet whip, move the lips that have curled into shapes most unholy! Speak I say, or yield to the Almighty!
  12. I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick the soccerball around with my friends. Only... I don't have any friends... Or bubblegum...
  13. Betcha Gonna Tell Us Some Plugs by Yellow Bellied Sullivan https://soundcloud.c...l-us-some-plugs Thank You!