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  1. Has any one ever been to the Clairmont in Atlanta "where strippers go to die" ? It's one of the oldest strip clubs in the nation and is known for having old and strange dancers. The first time I went there I threw a crumpled up dollar bill at a dancer who was well over 50 and had several surgical scars on her torso. After her song was over she came over and hugged me still topless gross boobs in my face then we had a beer together. In the movie When they were at the bar I couldn't help but have fond memories of this place because of how nasty and hot the frogs are.
  2. Cainnon

    Episode 135.5 - Minisode 135.5

    Sam Hell is packing heat right? I felt like the stories or legends told about him are because he's got a massive dong. not because he's fertile. He just happens to be getting women pregnant because he's out there with a big ole thang. Did looney help him all those years ago because he wanted to to get a peice of the action?
  3. Cainnon

    Episode 134.5 - Minisode 134.5

    I think you might have been paying attention and not even realized it. The movie skips a head several times without any explanation of time, distance or what the hell happened. It's as if they cut three or four entire scenes.
  4. Cainnon

    Episode 134.5 - Minisode 134.5

    I was hoping Emily would have a little more screen time. I had no idea what to expect but I Just finished this movie and I was pretty into it
  5. Cainnon

    Episode 134.5 - Minisode 134.5

    Now that's a shrimp! Are Australian shrimp bigger?
  6. won a dales pale ale gift basket from my local pizza place. And what do I find sitting there at the top? DEATH BY COCONUTS And it came with roach clips.
  7. I just read the history of Girl Scout cookies trying to figure out if the names of the cookies were nicknames for the girls who invented them. No Thin mint is a thin mint cookie Shortbread is a shortbread cookie Ect. Ect. Shortbread would be a good side kick name tho. Kinda like Half Pint or Short Round
  8. Could it have been vague on purpose? I'm sure we're all familiar with the term busting a nut. I graduated high school in 2005 and at that time semen was referred to almost exclusively as jizz and nut. It feels weird to have wrote that...
  9. That's awesome man! Congratulations! I recently found out I'm going to be father too:)
  10. Cainnon

    Episode 133.5 - Minisode 133.5

    Can I get a recap?
  11. Cainnon

    Guests I'd Love To Hear of HDTGM

    I would love to hear George St.Geegland and Gil Faizon do a movie set in New York. They could even do a series of episodes, starting with Little Nicky, and dig into the fall of Happy Madison.
  12. Cainnon

    Episode 133.5 - Minisode 133.5

    Just being honest. I want to wear a shirt like like that so so bad. With skates of course.
  13. Cainnon

    Episode 133.5 - Minisode 133.5

    On IMDB they have Caitlyn Jenner listed as the actor playing the part of Ron White (as Bruce Jenner) It also says that people who like this movie also liked Xanadu and The Hindenburg.
  14. Cainnon

    The Forum Forum

    the forum isn't letting me add a profile picture. the area where there would be an upload button in the profile editor is just blank. do you have to be a member for a certain amount of time or something? thanks shannon:)
  15. Cainnon

    Surf Ninjas (1993)

    Was it surf ninjas or three ninjas where they teach the island people how to make surfboards and hundreds of them paddle to the next island over? Three ninjas: high noon at mega mountain is all star Hulk Hogan and Jim Varney:)