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    Knock Out Poll (Unofficial!)

    It for sure should be between CLERKS, RE-ANIMATOR, or CHI-RAQ While I love CLERKS, it being a very formative movie for me in terms of who I am as a person and getting me interested in filmmaking (I'm from NJ and was around all of the places in Kevin Smith movies), it is not canon worthy. This is because every reason why is good is done first and better in SLACKER. SLACKER is the better of these two movies and the two accomplish the same thing. To have both in the canon doesn't feel right. RE-ANIMATOR should get kicked out because of Amy's sound arguments during the episode. EVIL DEAD 2 is in the canon. It feels like treading the same ground (as mentioned above with CLERKS and SLACKER). CHI-RAQ was one of the worst experiences I ever felt watching a movie I actually walked out of the theatre half way becuase I couldn't take it anymore. It was the movie I was most excited to see and had everything going towards it, but I feel like Spike Lee ruin his chance to make a great anti-gun/anti-war film. CREED didn't really deserve it either, but I'd love that a million times over instead of CHI-RAQ.
  2. What about a versus episode between Nick Broomfield's two documentaries on Aileen Wuornos? Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer (1993) and Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer (2003)
  3. MikeSellari

    The Warriors (1979)

    This is totally a canon movie and I feel like there is so much to talk about in it especially style.
  4. MikeSellari

    Westworld or The Exorcist

    Since WESTWORLD and THE EXORCIST are about to/already premiered TV series based on the movies, it would be cool to do an episode on one of these.
  5. MikeSellari

    TV Movies/Miniseries

    Taking off from the conversation a few episodes back about seeing if there are TV movies that are worthy of being in the canon. The exhibition of a piece of film does not take a way from something being considered. ELEPHANT (2003) won the Palm d'Or, BEHIND THE CANDELABRA (2013) was shown in competition at the Cannes Film Festival. ELEPHANT should definitely be talked about at some point on the show and is technically a TV movie for HBO as is CITIZENFOUR (2014) - also should be discussed- which won both an Academy Award and Primetime Emmy. Other TV movies worth discussing also include AND THE BAND PLAYED ON (1993), 61* (2001), BRIAN'S SONG (1971), THE DAY AFTER (1983), DUEL (1971), and GAME CHANGE (2012). There also are those miniseries that have transcended what a movie and a miniseries is that should be considered canon worthy. A good example of this is IT (1990) is still shown in syndication and is presented as a movie when done so. People still talk about Tim Curry's performance as Pennywise as being one of the scariest movie villains. Even with a new version being made now all the trades always reference this miniseries, Curry's performance, and the fact that it is a remake. I guess I'm saying is that these should still be up for consideration despite where they aired. Thoughts?
  6. MikeSellari

    Episode 78: BOYZ N THE HOOD

    I am a soft yes on BOYZ N' THE HOOD. I remember watching this and being really drawn in to the film. I think it's nuts though that Devin found this to be a profoundly bad movie when I could not stand Chiraq. This vote for a yes is mostly based on the fact that if Chiraq is in the cannon then the supremely better hood movie BOYZ N' THE HOOD must be included in the canon. Aside from the star launching careers and the slice of life of the time in which it came out, I think it needs to be in the canon.
  7. MikeSellari

    Suggestion: The Night of the Hunter

    I have such mixed feelings about this. The shot where Harry Powell arrives at the house at night near the lamp post with the kids watching is AMAZING and I fell like Friedkin had to be thinking of this with that iconic shot in THE EXORCIST (by the way do the exorcist). However I feel like after the kids escape and go down to river and end up at Rachel Coopers house the whole thing tends to drag. I like everything up until this moment then it falls flat. I know - bold statement.
  8. MikeSellari

    The next french film should be...La Haine

    This would be awesome as it is so canon worhty and its been awhile since theres been and french film. Plus it rocks! the Camera work just elates you its that damn good.
  9. MikeSellari

    Suggestion: Psycho vs. Halloween

    Both belong in the canon
  10. MikeSellari

    True Grit v. True Grit

    This would be a great remake vs. episode to do. You got John Wayne winning an oscar and the Jeff Bridges doing an arguably better job in the role of Rooster Cogburn. The Coen Brothers did a fantastic job with there version and it'd be interesting to see how opinions differ 1969 and 2010. I'd alternatively suggest 3:10 to Yuma v. 3:10 to Yuma, and while Iove the remake I dont feel lit is Canon worthy.
  11. MikeSellari

    Suggestion - GREMLINS

    Do it during Christmas then!