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    I like to read the Earwolf forums, and see what the fans and others are talking about on there.
  1. No lies in that title, not even one: https://twitter.com/...867139901878272
  2. sonny

    Episode 161 - Ryan Stanger, Our Close Friend

    Ugh. Ever since Agata left all I ever see is guys mansplaining to the forums about there being a new episode.
  3. sonny

    Favorite Handbook ads

    Sgt. Sean's Loot Crate / Dread Capt. Sean's Booty Crate. Great value for money.
  4. Hey - Sean, Hayes, Dalton Maltz, Earwolf, all you guys... I have something to get off my chest... It's this:
  5. Oh wow, I'm so glad the boys are finally getting into the food scene. I've been waiting for them to catch up. If I were to describe myself, I'd probably say "Foodie. Ninja. News junkie. Bit sweary. Bacon addict. Views my own etc..." Food is so important and I'm always checking out the latest joints in town looking for the next epic dirty meal or awesome artisanal munch to feature on my food blog. Grub-a-dub-bub, baby. Bon appetit ("Enjoy your meal").
  6. Sorry, only just seeing this! I was at the gym working out while you were all here at the computer, I guess. I'll download the episode now and listen to it when I go back to the gym later, after my run.
  7. I'm working from home today - gonna grab the old aux cord and play this baby out of my speakers at a very high volume so that the neighbours think I have funny, good guests over, and also a band, when the theme plays.
  8. This story scared the living crud out of me. If you're planning on reading it - spoiler alert: it's all okay in the end, so keep going to the end - but please be safe out there.
  9. Hi, it's me. I've never posted before but in the past I've clicked the "Like" button on a lot of your posts, as is the done thing now, on the internet, online, in this year, and I hope that helps.