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  1. Whoa here comes the rooster, are you Katherine Brewster?
  2. Shaka Shaka Kahn Shaka Kahn at Tinagra
  3. When my pants come unhoisted, the ladies get moisted.
  4. Fancy me a lumberjack 'cause those flapjacks got me choppin' the morning wood!
  5. It's all doom and gloom until you hit rock bottom. Then it's tits and pussy my broham!
  6. Year round beardy's b hatin November doooooog
  7. I can't believe the price of the new PlayStation VR, I guess I'm a holo-cost denier.
  8. You catch more flies with honey, but fly honeys bee pollen-hatin.
  9. My ropesnake makes all the toilets get clogged, damn right Im dropping those logs.
  10. You say potato I say the holocaust didn't happen
  11. Dont drink that scotch my dad will notice and he's already under a lot of stress
  12. Everybody wants to f*** Scotts butthole.
  13. I changed the wifi password but my brother in law still wont move out