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    Prayer of the Rollerboys (1990)

    Full movie: (REMOVED) Set in a post-apocalyptic Los Angles, Cory Haim goes undercover to battle a drug-dealing white supremacist group. On rollerblades. Edit: well damn. I searched. Didn't show up.
  2. JacobSharp

    The Peanut Butter Solution (1985)

    This film haunted my dreams as a child to the point that in my adult life I couldn't remember where these images came from. In 2003, I googled "peanut butter paintbrush air growth" and found the title, called my local video store SRO (R.I.P.) who had a vast cult film library including children's titles, and the rest was history. I know exactly where and how the majority of us saw this as kids - it was broadcast on Nickelodeon back when they were licensing the majority of their content from Canada. It's been a year or two since the film has appeared on youtube in it's entirety, but it's back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__ty34xFJQA Let's hope this gives the crew the motivation to finally do an episode on this absolute classic.