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  1. I listened to this ep late, but gotta say, I appreciated it. This topic is fascinating to me no matter how many times I listen to people talk about it. I need to look up the Aftermath series sometime, it sounds really interesting. I feel so bad for the poor people who suffer through Scientology. It sounds dreadful.

    There's a Scientology mission here in San Antonio too and I'm just weirded out every time I drive past it.

  2. Yeah, I was pretty disappointed to hear that the forums aren't easy to access now, especially with this being a source of material Paul uses for corrections and omissions. If people can't easily find the forums to participate, then participation is going to continue to be low.

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  3. 4 hours ago, grudlian. said:

    I wouldn't say it's perfect either but the only thing I'd change is the dentist. I've always felt the scene with the dentist is unnecessarily long in both versions. I'd say it could be cut completely. Set up that he abuses Audrey and that's all we need instead of a lengthy scene without our leads.

    I can't help but think how terrifying this musical must've been to anyone who has had a legit fear of dentists lol I do think it was good to establish just how despicable his character is in setting up a reason of "this asshole deserves it" for being killed. It certainly is uncomfortable and was weird that it was one of the first songs replayed during the credits. Someone must've really liked it. (Also was really bizarre seeing Steve Martin with black hair lol)

    So, a question: Who was worse, the sadist or the masochist?

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  4. 3 minutes ago, grudlian. said:

    By the way, there is a remake of the musical in the works according to imdb. Taren Edgerton is playing Stanley. Scarlett Johansson is playing Audrey. Billy Porter as Audrey 2. Chris Evans as the dentist.

    This is a strong cast but, boy, I really don't like the idea of remaking a movie that's basically flawless as is.

    Honestly part of why I wanted to revisit this version before it gets sullied by a new remake which will undoubtedly have CG effects instead of these practical effects that still look INCREDIBLY GOOD.

    But yeah, my first time seeing this, I was, I think, older teens? It's so well done though, the music and how it's incorporated into the story, the cast, the atmosphere... I don't want to say it's a perfect movie, but hell, it sure comes close. (I haven't yet watched the original director's cut ending, but I did read up on it. I think it would have been interesting, but I understand how test audiences didn't respond well lol)

    Levi Stubbs is just... so soooo good in this role. I soooorta remember Mother Brain, but it's been so long...

    Uhh, gushing aside, my roommate and I were questioning how Audrey II knew Audrey's phone number to call her lol

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  5. Ahahaha! All the ninja turtles gifs! You know me well!


    I hope you all have been well during this time. I had a bit of a rough week last week, so hopefully this week will be better and perfect for watching a musical.

    After doing extensive research by asking my roommate for ideas I have decided to go with a classic!



    I have not seen this film in a good while, so it should be fun to revisit. If you want some real torture though, I guess you could watch the original Roger Corman version, but it's not a musical.


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  6. 7 hours ago, taylor anne photo said:

    Oh shit I forgot I was in Track too. I did shot-put and discus. I got one medal and that was my peak and never was good at it again.

    Oh yeah. I think I got 3rd place once in my long distance event. Enough to get my '00 numbers for a letterman jacket, which I never owned. So I just have two 0 patches in a box somewhere. A fitting number for my life lol

    17 minutes ago, JoelSchlosberg said:

    NBA Jam was famously the first arcade game to earn a billion dollars in revenue, so its level of popularity was on an order of magnitude comparable to Space Jam merchandise. And each of those billion dollars was fed in to an on-site arcade machine in quarters (each of which purchased a "quarter" of a basketball game), without any DLC or ancillary revenue streams. But the presentation of the game was so energetic and fun, with Monstar-level superhuman plays and classic catchphrases like "HE'S ON FIRE!" and "BOOMSHAKALAKA!" from legendary voice actor Tim Kitzrow's hyped-up announcer, that each buck felt like it was well spent no matter how badly it was played.

    A friend and I used to rent NBA Jam for Sega Genesis a lot and I remember having fun playing it despite my lack of interest in basketball, so I can only imagine how popular it was with actual basketball fans. This makes me want to find a copy to buy lol

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  7. On 2/14/2020 at 7:11 AM, Smigg. said:

    So, let's carry on the discussion.  What sports did you do?  

    I forgot to answer this, but just a quick summation of my childhood sports, etc.:

    Dance (Tap and Acrobatics)
    Softball (Outfielder)
    Track (Long Jump and some long distance thing I forgot)

    Can't say I was particularly good at any of these lol


    Last comment on Space Jam, which I sort of mentioned on Letterboxd...

    To be quite honest, I really found the talent-stolen basketball players failing at being human to be far funnier than any of the cartoon antics with the Looney Tunes. Completely failing at DRINKING WATER and walking into the door frame at the hospital got actual laughs out of me. I know it doesn't make sense since those though aren't directly related to the talent required to play basketball, but I DID NOT CARE because it was actually funny to me. I wish there had been more of those jokes throughout the movie. I was far more invested in these poor saps than anything else.

    Also I never noticed in the hospital hall scene that Muggsy was fake walking until it was mentioned in the podcast. But it's more like I KNEW he wasn't really walking, my brain just thought that he was in a wheel chair, because I didn't notice the shoulder movement.

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  8. 32 minutes ago, taylor anne photo said:

    I don't doubt it!!! I knew a guy that after high school worked there in their dance performances and all I could think about was performing outside in the middle of summer and he wasn't even in one of the character costumes!

    Mainly I wanted to make this comment because this is not the first time where I've heard Californians talk about Magic Mountain as if it is either the only Six Flags to exist or the first one to ever be built. Like bitches y'all know it's called Six Flags because of the amount of flags Texas had in it's existence right? (Sadly one of them was the Confederate flag and sadly it has been waving at the OG location ever since it was built and sadly there's been a fuck ton of arguments about whether or not to keep it...)

    Oof, yeah, that's true that's the origin of the name. Could do without that specific one though.

    First one I went too was Six Flags Great America in the Chicago area with my family as a kid. But that was just sad because I wanted to go on the roller coasters but my cousins were too small and the adults didn't want to go. ūüėĎ

    As for the Six Flags here, I liked the Superman coaster. Haven't been in a good few years though. It's expensive. ūüė≠

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  9. 2 hours ago, taylor anne photo said:

    Oh I just remembered I wanted to comment that Six Flags Magic Mountain is not the only one to have WB characters as the mascots. I live near Six Flags Over Texas (AKA the OG Six Flags built in 1961) and Bugs and the gang are ALL over that park. It also includes characters from the DC universe and many of our roller coasters are named after heroes and villains - my favorite being the Batman, but others love Mr. Freeze which I am too much of a coward to ever get on because the idea of starting off 0 to 60 immediately and BACKWARDS freaks me the fuck out.

    I wanted to mention something similar about Six Flags too lol. Also been to Six Flags Over Texas a couple times and WB/DC characters and merch are quite popular. I have also talked to someone who used to work there as the Taz mascot and while I won't call it "slavery", working in those things under the conditions of the hot Texas summer definitely sounds like torture. I think he had some story too about someone vomiting inside the costume.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Smigg. said:


    Animaniacs is coming back?  I loved that when I was younger, never knew why it got cancelled, until I actually read what happened to it, and as it turns out, it's this guy named Jamie Kellner who did it, and Jamie Kellner is a shit dick.


    Yep! Hulu is bringing back Animaniacs. I belieeeeve it's supposed to start this year, but I haven't heard an airdate. They're bringing back the core voice cast and I think the guy who wrote the songs on the original show. Rob Paulsen has some details on the reboot idea proposal in his autobiography he released this past year, I need to get back to reading it.

    I got to meet Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche (voices of Pinky and The Brain and so many more) at a convention in 2014 and they were absolute sweethearts! LaMarche voiced Pepe le Pew in Space Jam... I've technically met one of the Space Jam voice actors...

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  11. 21 minutes ago, Cameron H. said:

    I didn’t have time to comment on this last nigh, but this is an awesome Buster Bunny. He and Babs were the best bunnies, and I don’t appreciate the Tiny Toons and Animaniacs erasure. 

    Bring back Tiny Toons and their disturbing morality plays, damn it!


    Thanks! And now I know I messed up his shirt sleeves. Whoops lol

    What a weird episode.  I feel like I might've seen it long ago. I guess I can see why it was banned, but it also seems kinda fitting for a bunch of kids trying to sneak a bit of alcohol to be "cool". 

    I was more of an Animaniacs person when that came out. I'm looking forward to the reboot of that!

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  12. Researching Lola Bunny and her character in The Looney Tunes Show is pretty much a complete 180 of her original Space Jam version. Just watch the first 1:50 of this

    I don't know how to feel

    The Looney Tunes wiki states her character in New Looney Tunes is a bit more clever, but I tried watching a clip and I couldn't... I couldn't make it.

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  13. I was 14 when this movie came out. I'm pretty sure I saw it in theater and at least once or twice on VHS or TV, but had not watched it since the 90s. I remember it being huge, but even as someone who loved Looney Tunes during the 90s (and Tiny Toons and Animaniacs), I just was never that huge a fan of Space Jam. I'm guessing it's because I am not a basketball fan and I didn't find Lola Bunny attractive.

    I do remember being shocked to learn later that "Fly Like an Eagle" by Seal was a COVER.

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  14. I'm going to posit that the only way this movie could make sense concerning the mash-up of real VS toon worlds is if people of the real world DO know that the Looney Tunes exist and live beneath the earth to supply endless hours of cartoon entertainment for TV. This would be THE ONLY reason why Michael, his children, Wayne Knight and Bill Murray did NOT freak out or even question the existence of the Looney Tunes as actual living beings they were interacting with. I think the director missed a huge opportunity to reference HIS OWN COMMERCIAL by having Michael and Bugs be colleagues from endorsing Nike. Bugs could have just met up with Michael, been like, "Hey, you remember how Marvin the Martian was trying to steal those Air Jordons? Well, we kinda have the same thing going on, except it's 'real' aliens and they want to steal US!" They could've even shown a CLIP of the original commercial.

    By the way, the full length version of that commercial is actually 1 min 30 secs.


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  15. 1 hour ago, grudlian. said:

    Movies were mono at this time (maybe the are exceptions?)). I would summe virtually any streaming or DVD version would be mixed to stereo or 5.1. Maybe mono is an option but I doubt it's the default. So, we probably aren't hearing it as intended for theatres. The Yellow Submarine album was released only in stereo.

    There was a Yellow Submarine songtrack (not soundtrack) released around 2001 that was remastered and remixed that a lot of people liked. I, being a purist and snob, never listened to it. I would assume modern mixes of the movie utilize this?

    For Sgt. Pepper (and all the early Beatle albums and even a lot of albums at the time) were definitely mixed differently for mono and stereo. Sgt. Pepper and the white album definitely have notable differences for many songs. Some are even at very different speeds. Some have different sound effects entirely. The main reason for the differences are that more people had mono systems at home in 1967 and more care was put into mono mixing (at least for The Beatles). I don't know why they didn't mix in stereo and simply fold it into a single channel but I assume they had a reason. The mono version of Sgt. Pepper was released in 1967 but stopped being available as stereo became the standard.ÔĽŅ I don't think it was officially released again until the Beatles remasters in 2010 (or so, I don't remember the exact year).

    Thanks to your comment I just spent the last 15-20 minutes comparing the songs from both stereo Sgt Pepper and Yellow Sub albums, the Songtrack, and a bit of the mono Sgt Pepper's on youtube lol. I feel like the mono is the most striking version. The stereo Sgt Pepper's, and even the Yellow Sub soundtrack just feel like they have some odd balance choices. While the Yellow Submarine Songtrack IS still stereo, I feel like they fixed a lot of the balance issues so it's closer to the mono version. Not quite there, but it has a much better sound than the other stereo releases. Bless whoever remastered the Songtrack.

    I'm not sure if that remaster is what's used on the blu-ray. Our TV sound system isn't really good enough for me to tell anyway.


    Also side note, was disappointed in the captions on the blu-ray. A few errors, plus anytime something like "I think I burnt me finger." came up they wrote "me" as "my", and no attempt to caption Old Fred's frantic yelling until he got to the "blue meanies!" part, even though you clearly hear "submarine" and "explosions" before that EACH TIME. 

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  16. I just read this on the Yellow Submarine article on wikipedia and I think we dodged a bullet


    Cancelled remake[edit]

    In August 2009, Variety reported that Walt Disney Pictures and filmmaker Robert Zemeckis were negotiating to produce a 3D computer animated remake of the film. Motion capture was to be used, as with Zemeckis' previous animated films The Polar Express (2004), Monster House (2006), Beowulf (2007) and A Christmas Carol (2009). Variety also indicated Disney hoped to release the film in time for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.[27] Disney and Apple Corps officially announced the remake at the inaugural D23 Expo on 11 September 2009.[28]

    Comedian Peter Serafinowicz was cast to voice Paul, Dean Lennox Kelly as John, Cary Elwes as George and Adam Campbell as Ringo.[29] California-based Beatles tribute band The Fab Four was cast to perform the performance capture animation for the animated Beatles.[30][31]

    In May 2010, Disney closed Zemeckis' digital film studio ImageMovers Digital, after the successful yet unsatisfactory box office performance of A Christmas Carol.[32] On 14 March 2011, Disney abandoned the project, citing the disastrous opening weekend results of Simon Wells' Mars Needs Moms. Criticism towards motion capture technology was also a factor.[32]

    After its cancellation at Disney, Zemeckis tried to pitch the remake to other studios. By December 2012, Zemeckis expressed that he had lost interest in the project, stating: "That would have been great to bring the Beatles back to life. But it's probably better not to be remade ‚Äď you're always behind the 8-ball when do you [sic] a remake."


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  17. 26 minutes ago, Cameron H. said:

    Yeah, I can’t imagine people without a predisposition toward either The Beatles or the artwork would appreciate Yellow Submarine very much. Again, I’m not really watching it for a plot or story. I like the music and the images and the weird faux-Beatle mutterings are like ASMR for me.

    Yeah, I agree with that. The Peter Max-like artstyle isn't exactly the easiest on the eyes, though I find it fun. The characters, including The Beatles, aren't particularly cute in it. It does lend itself to the surreal settings at least. While watching last night I joked that the artists were asked to draw their nightmares lol

    The imagination does impress me though. I'd love to know more about the painting process for "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". 

    I think for me the Sea of Science's "Only a Northern Song" is the least interesting,  visually and just... in general. Doesn't seem like there's much science to it lol

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