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  1. 7 minutes ago, CameronH said:

    I really feel like people are missing out if they're watching the version with the opera edited out...

    I might not get to. I've been busy, so I'm still trying to get through the edited movie. But I keep having to pause because my brain is breaking about every 10 minutes.

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  2. 59 minutes ago, taylorannephoto said:

    I'm not gonna say I was trying to pick dogs for Paul and Jason but I was definitely trying to pick dogs for Paul and Jason.

    Nothing has crazy enough hair for me to settle on a Jason dog tho, but maybe y'all can find one lol.

    I'm too tired to add a pic, but try the Irish Water Spaniel?

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  3. 43 minutes ago, Shannon said:

    Guys I'm trying SO HARD to get the grey background back and nothing I do is working and it's making me feel crazy. 

    I'm really sorry if I've upset y'all. I just really wanted new people to be able to use the forums again and so this is what had to be done :( 

    Please be patient with me...

    I've done some layout work too, and knowing how frustrated I get fighting with my wordpress layouts currently, I totally get the crazy feeling. Best of luck!

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  4. Oh good, the forums are back up! (and legible)

    I wanted to share that I made this hopefully handy Google Spreadsheet compiling all the Musical Monday topics on the forums!!


    I probably need to invite an extra person(s) to edit it in case I'm too busy to keep up, so let me know if you're familiar with Google Spreadsheets and interested in helping. I'd just need an email to send an invite (gmail works best). Oooor I could make it so anyone could edit, but that could leave it vulnerable to vandalism, so idk.

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    If you like Drag Race I've found a podcast called Squirrel Friend's Cocktail Hour. It's hosted by two friend's Nick and Amanda and they get drunk and talk about new and old seasons of Drag Race what they are watching/ listening too and stuff in their lives. I love it.


    My roommate and I love Drag Race, and I'm pretty sure I mentioned it long ago, but HDTGM introduced us to Movie Bitches and Movie Bitches is how we got into watching Drag Race. So Paul and June ending up on "What's the Tee" was like coming back full circle for me lol


    I may try to check out at least Squirrel Friends. Thanks for the recs.

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  6. Who the duck vandalized wikipedia already?!




    I was legitimately trying to look up Scribbles' actual name!! lmao (it's ok, I found it)



    If I was feeling more ambitious, I'd try to come up with a "Where's Scribbles?" design along the lines of "Where's Waldo?", but I feel like I'd need to actually watch the movie for reference and I am not up to that challenge.



    We’ve missed you too!


    Welcome back ! I know how hard both stress and depression can be. If you like this one I think you should try the Striptease one and maybe the Rad one as well. They were pretty fun night I thought.


    Thank you so much, guys! I'll see if I can stick around for a bit.


    Rad sounded amusing, going by how people were reacting on letterboxd, so I'll definitely try to listen to that one soon.



    Also helpful was listening to the "What's the Tee?" podcast with Paul and June. It was an absolute delight, and again as I said on Twitter I'd absolutely love if RuPaul and/or Michelle could be guests on HDTGM!

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  7. Hello. I haven't listened to the podcast in months, due to a mix of stress and depression killing my interest in things I enjoy. But I saw the first Blues Brothers movie yeeears ago, so I thought I'd listen to this sequel episode. Oh my god, "Scribbles" nearly had me in tears from laughing so hard! I'm gonna have to make my roommate listen to this episode. Thank you so much, I really needed this. I hope I can catch more episodes, I've really missed this podcast and the forums.

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  8. Since (I assume) most of you watched the movie digitally, check out this camera test footage from the "Kermit's 50th Anniversary Edition" DVD. Henson & co. were great even when they were just goofing around.

    This was another thing I love about the Muppet performers, is how they can just goof around completely in character. It's very silly and endearing. My favorite still is the outtakes video from when John Oliver and Cookie Monster did a parody news show.



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  9. Yaay, I watched this last night! It was fun to revisit, though some parts were a little slow, I definitely appreciate all the effort and creativity that went into its production.


    Favorite song is probably Rainbow Connection, but Moving Right Along gets stuck in my head too.


    I pretty much see The Muppets as kind of adult entertainment, but at a level that kids can appreciate. Again with this, and the original Muppet Show, I never really knew who the human guest stars were until I was older, but The Muppets definitely gave me an appreciation for them early on. I don't think there was anything particularly adult in this movie that I recall, aside from a few obscure references as mentioned above.


    I wish there was more Sam the Eagle in the movie lol. Also I wish that Max had completely defected from Doc Hopper after the showdown and just gone to Hollywood with them. He deserved better.

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  10. So, I guess the question is: what musician or band is higher on your favorites list than you would have thought? Some of you might have an easy 10, so who’s eleven?* Or, think of as many as you can easily and then share whichever one comes next.


    I never made a top 10, but thinking on this for a while, I will say there is a group that I recently relistened to while feeling nostalgic, and I think now that I am an adult they definitely jumped up higher on my list.


    The group being Peter, Paul & Mary, whom my mom had me listen to as a kid. I was chatting with a friend of Salvadorean background, and recalled their song "El Salvador", which then I listened to and was just "Oh... oh no. I get this now." I think I spent the rest of that evening listening to a compilation of their songs on youtube and crying. (I enjoyed it.) So yeah, I think that might count.


    I suppose I need to come up with some sort of a top 10 list sometime, but I'm terrible at those lol

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    I think that is why the Disney XD reboot of Ducktales (and of course Gravity Falls) works (worked). Ducktales may habe been greenlit due to nostalgia, but it's succeeding because it is telling great stories that can be enjoyed by everyone. (also a good cast helps).

    I looooooove Gravity Falls and SHAME ON DISNEY FOR NOT RELEASING IT ON DVD. SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME (also I forgot Paul had a small cameo in that show lol)

    Haven't seen the new Ducktales yet, but I hope it does well if they've got some great writing behind it.

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  12. I was busy with life and couldn't watch the last movie. Just checking in to see how things are going and ya'll talking about kids entertainment. I am good with that.


    I don't have kids, so I don't watch much in way of children's programming currently. But as far as watching cartoons, I've always stood by the Chuck Jones quote: "There's only one test of a great children's book, or a great children's film, and that is this: If it can be read or viewed with pleasure by adults, then it has the chance to be a great children's film, or a great children's book."

    So like, if you can entertain me, I'll watch it.


    Which reminds me, I want to watch more "Amazing World of Gumball"...

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