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  1. OH MY GOD I CANNOT WAIT FOR TIMECOP! EEEEEEEE!!!! Taylor Anne we'll finally be able to compare some notes!!!




    Super HUGE thanks to Paul as well for listening to the concerns about those calls, and bless Dana for going through them.

    I don't know if I can push myself to call in with my phone anxiety but we'll see. I feel like there's at least one thing I can harass Paul about, but I feel like I wouldn't be the only one who might call on it.

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  2. So Sammich got the BD/DVD for this movie and the other day we watched the bonus documentary.


    Though I think a number of these are mentioned in the IMDB Trivia for the movie, some moments that stuck with me:


    When Paul Williams got signed on, they were considering him to play Winslow, but he insisted on being Swan. He also thought he was very sexy. He also meant for "Meet the Devil", the song that starts when Winslow jumps the fence, to be a full length song, but it never happened.


    The recording studio where the Phantom composes his music was a real state-of-the-art recording studio, and they almost weren't allowed to use it, but Williams got them in.


    Jessica Harper beat Linda Ronstadt in getting the role of Phoenix, and she's very proud of it.


    When Swan is adjusting the Phantom's voice feed, the "perfect" voice that he creates is Swan's, not Winslow's.


    The toy press machine that disfigures Winslow, almost did crush Finley's head.


    Finley was allergic to the Phantom's mask and had to take frequent breaks. Also he couldn't hear through the mask, and they finally had to rig up a small radio receiver so he could take direction.


    They had considered a scene for Beef's funeral, where the people attending at the cemetery were singing and Swan was recording them to steal their song. It was also to involve a young girl tap dancing on his car, but ultimately they weren't able to find a good cemetery location. "The Hell of It" was supposed to be for that scene.


    Gerrit Graham was amazing to listen to as half his interview was in French, and the other half in English and he'd switch between the two fluently. He was asked to perform Beef as flamboyant, and did so well that some of the crew apparently thought he was gay and kind of harassed him on set. Don't feel too bad though, because he and some of the other guys spent the evenings trying to chase tail and Jessica Harper had to fight them off.


    Annnd that's all that's coming to mind at the moment.

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  3. Also in regards to Phoenix - she went from 'singer with principles' to 'drug addicted superstar' real quick. The second she got a microphone she was willing to do anything?


    This bugged me SO much!! Considering her first scene ends in her running away in complete protest to someone forcing themselves upon her. She came across as the wholesome girl who just wants to sing. But then she changes to "I'll do ANYTHING as long as I get to sing", so her standards are pretty low anyway. I wasn't of how fast she let go.


    Also I kinda felt like this film is more like what The Apple WANTED to be lol


    Also also I actually took Swan's grotesque face reveal to be more like melting from the fire. Did he put the mask on prior to the fire without realizing what would happen, or was he trying to cover up the damage? Because it seemed pretty obvious that once the film was destroyed that he was done for. I still don't understand the purpose of the marriage/assassination.

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  4. Okay, my last point I wanted to address is...


    Why the hell is Billy the ONLY kitchen staff on hand at the drive-in?? I mean, who's washing dishes?? Who's taking the money?? The girl are just running orders to patrons, so I guess they can take money from customers, but we never see them go inside to put it anywhere. I'd hope that Billy isn't handling the money while cooking, because that is just unsanitary. Actually I don't recall seeing any order slips either, which is insane considering the place is shown to have a constant stream of customers. How does it stay open?? Or maybe Sheriff Loomis getting his food on the house isn't actually anything special, and everyone gets their food free. It makes about as much sense as anything else in this parentless town.

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    I like to think that Keri had Jamie killed. I think she let Packard and his goons know where they're going to be the night Jamie was murdered and had them drop her off in the desert afterward where she conveniently develops "amnesia." However, what she didn't count on was Packard going blood-licking crazy. So they end up in this weird stalemate. She can't have him arrested for murder (despite the fact that Quaid is looking for any reason to put Packard away, and as shown in the movie, would certainly be sympathetic to a woman being used by him) as he might rat her out as an accomplice. This would also explain why when being "kidnapped" she seems more annoyed than threatened and why she gets so bizarrely upset when Oggie dies.


    So, stuck in this situation, Keri does the only thing any rational person would do: she turns to the occult. To rid herself of her problem, she sells her soul to have her former lover return as a Spirit of Vengeance - upgraded to look like the star of Lucas and Red Dawn. So he comes back and eliminates any one who can implicate her in his murder. This would also explain why anyone who's ever been murdered isn't given the chance to come back and avenge themselves - they have to have someone on the outside willing to risk damnation to bring them back. Unfortunately for Keri, she's told to "pack light" (because it's gonna be hot) for her "short trip" (to Hell).



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    I would have liked it if Jaime had been the leader of Packard's gang and that his murder wasn't just a setup for Packard's kidnap dating of Keri. Rather there would be a larger rivalry between them and the murder would have some betrayal associated with it rather than seemingly random capriciousness.


    Oh my god, I love it! Much better movie!!

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  7. So the medical braces all over his outfit got me thinking that they were supposed to indicate all the damage the villains of the movie inflicted on him during the beating that killed him.


    And after every race he sheds a piece, I think to show that he's getting closer and closer to what eventually happens at the end of the movie with his resurrection.


    But his whole outfit would have made significantly more sense if they had a scene where he initially lived although in a comatose state and then passed away. That way they could have showed him in all the medical equipment that adorned his Wraith outfit.

    I like this! There are just so many things that could have made this movie sooooo much better, if they had taken the time to think things through.


    I wanted to present a better setup.


    The movie should OPEN with the scene of his death. The two people in beginning of the movie are inconsequential and just shouldn't be there. Open with his death, have the gang knock out Keri first (preferably with chloroform as it's used in other movies). Then have Packard exclaim they're killing Jamie because he's their rival or part of a rival gang they're wiping out (if that "Jamie wasn't a nice guy" thing is true). They kill him and dump unconscious Keri on the side of the road. Keri then becomes a "trophy" for Packard, since she was his rival's girl.


    Meanwhile Jamie wakes up in the afterlife, there's some shadowy figure that he ends up pleading with to let him go back for revenge. Shadowy figure makes a deal with him as long as Jamie gets him the souls of the gang that killed him, but there are "conditions". Though he's given the fancy car and some supernatural abilities, he's stuck with the braces, like chains, which he won't be released from until he kills off the gang members that killed him. But the worst is that he cannot return as himself. He must take a new identity and he cannot reveal his past life until the deed is done.


    From there, you can probably follow the general plot. Keri should DEFINITELY have reservations about getting involved with another guy. Maybe throw in the reason why Jake can't just blow up the barn when everyone is in it is because Rughead is there. We know Rughead wasn't one of the lackeys who killed Jamie, so he has to scare Rughead away instead. And maybe... don't kill the first two guys in the exact same way? Get a little more creative, come on.


    I haven't thought it out past that, but that's my suggestion.

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    If you're in Lockhart, I'm going to put Blacks and Smitty's as the barbecue places to go over Kreuz. Kreuz is good but just not my favorite of the three. I'll add the caveat that, the one time I went to Lockhart, I ate a bit at all three places and Kreuz was last. So, maybe I was barbecued out.


    But thank you for the pronunciation of Kreuz. I was not sure how and definitely not pronouncing it correctly.


    We went to Smitty's once, but didn't like it nearly as much as Kreuz. But Kreuz was my first Texan barbeque, so I may be biased.


    I've honestly never heard anyone use "Krites" down here in San Antonio, which includes a local news show covering the history between Kreuz and Smitty's, so I'm still boggled lol


    And this digression is just making me hungry for food I can't have, so... back to The Wraith

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  9. Maybe that's what they're doing with all these cars. Maybe he steals them so she never knows what he's driving. I have to assume that everything he does is to assist him in his daily kidnapping endeavors.


    That would be plausible, except we never see him driving anything else. Also when Packard first points out Jake to Skank and Gutterboy, I thought he was going to tell them to trash Jake's motorbike. He's either the most patient ruthless gang member, or he just has a knack for missing opportunities.


    Another thing... when The Wraith™ goes into their car barn and shoots up the place, he takes out ALL the cars, shooting at their engines, and also destroys what I assume was the souped up engine Rughead was preparing for Packard... Now I'm no car mechanic, but it feels like they get back on their uh, wheels pretty quickly for the type of damage their vehicles sustained. If Rughead is their main inventor-mechanic, he is clearly in the wrong line of work. Then again, with a cousin like Eraserhead, he's probably doing pretty well for himself all things considered.

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  10. OKAY FIRST in case the minisode thread wasn't read


    PAUL, PLEEEEASE DO NOT share more jerking off stories in the Explanation Hopeline! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaase





    Second, I'm with Jason on this one. This movie makes no sense, but I LOVE IT.


    I would like to point out one thing for now.


    No one pays attention to what cars are at the burger joint. Like there's multiple times where the characters are present at the same time, but don't even notice. And it's not like the gang doesn't have easily recognizable, customized cars. Granted in one scene Packard was parked across the street, but still?? OPEN YOUR EYES. I'm talking to YOU, Keri! If you don't want to run into your asshole kidnapping, self-proclaimed boyfriend, maybe it would be beneficial to watch for his car????

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  11. 2) Don't stand in line at Franklin. Get someone to drive you out to Lockhart for Kreuz (pronounced "Krites") Market or Llano for Cooper's. They're both much better, and you can drive there, eat, and drive back in the amount of time you'd stand in line at Franklin.





    ("Krites" is such a bizarre way to write out the German pronunciation of "Kreuz" though, my brain is like what.)

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