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  1. Sketchy Nonsense

    We're Still Trying...

    Hey everyone we're back to try to get literally anyone to listen and give feedback. This podcast of ours is one of our normal improv comedy podcast: This podcast is a bit more obscure with one of the reoccuring characters we have, Mr. Fingernails:
  2. Hey everyone my name is Nick from Sketchy Nonsense. We have been trying to reformat our show to make it better. We have been going for more of a comedy route as of late and would love some feedback. Linked below is two podcast that we have tried this format on. We're trying to use news and other topical things with comedy sketches. Let us know how we are doing or what we could do better. Thanks
  3. Sketchy Nonsense

    wrestling tracks podcast

    Hey, my name is Nick from a group called Sketchy Nonsense. I have to say I love your energy that you have in these man. You got a great personality for talking. The only suggestion I can make is to make improvements in that sound quality and you would be golden. Invest in something like a Snowball mic and I think a ton more people would be digging your stuff. We also do a wrestling podcast that you can check out at soundcloud.com/sketchynonsense Let us know what you think
  4. Sketchy Nonsense

    Newer Wrestling Podcast

    Hey everyone, this is Nick from Sketchy Nonsense. We got a show for people who love wrestling and are looking for a good podcast on the subject matter. We usually do predictions on upcoming Pay Per Views, Recaps of those PPV's and we always do a review of a new beer every podcast in a segment called "Beer Of The Week" We release a new podcast every Wednesday and I'll warn you is does contain some NSFW language but if you love humor such as Comedy Bang Bang, you should be ok with our style. Below is a link to our most recent show: Also for the people who would like to revisit the wonderful days of WWE past during such times of DX and other's you can check out the podcast where we review older PPV's in our podcast series called Wretro Wrestling. Link below: Please give feedback as that's the best way for us to get better. Thanks!
  5. I really appreciate the attention to detail such as the ambient music and the little sound effects that just add that much depth to the background. This makes it seem like a high end radio drama type of thing, which I personally love. I think the narration is well done and fits the story as well On the nit picky side, I feel like *some* of the inflections the actors used sometimes came off a bit bland and flat. My fictional podcast suffers from that as well in fairness. Fixing that comes in doing it more and more I have found. Getting the voice actors to be more comfortable with sounding less like the are just reading off of a paper can sometimes be hard. Most of the actors do well though. Also I will admit I am american so the difference in our accents could effect my judgment a bit. In Chapter 3 when the main character is getting interviewed of the whereabouts of Harmony it feels off from the other scenes not having any ambient noise in the background. I feel like even something like an AC unit hum could help benefit this scene. Also 2 scenes later when they run in to Tia and Harmony's boyfriend, something like a TV in the background would help out. In Chapter 4 the twist is well done granted the end result leaves me wanting more from the ending. With all that said I think this was done very very well. Way more pros than cons and I think you should keep pursuing this. You can check out my fictional podcast which is a comedy in the link below and I would love you have YOUR feedback. It's best to listen to it from episode 1 so you get all the jokes. I will admit the first episode isn't great. Beware it is a bit NSFW with language. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for the great content, Nick from Sketchy Nonsense
  6. Sketchy Nonsense

    Looking for criticism/review or any tips for our new podcast

    Hi, I'm Nick from the podcast group called Sketchy Nonsense. I gave your podcast a listen (Podcast 5- Unguided Discussion) and it lives up to the name Unguided Discussion. I kind of like that you guys just go off of each other with no direct path, just one thing leads to another. I enjoy the part "Truth or Nah" it's great to get facts mixed in to the podcast. I'll say the beginning started off a bit slow for my taste but it picked up and you guys play devils advocate well enough to keep the conversations going and interesting, such as the part where you discussed hunting in Zimbabwe. There are a few times I heard the good old "P" pops so if you have a pop filter, move it a bit farther away to keep from getting those pops. All in all I enjoyed it, like I said I am also from a podcast group called Sketchy Nonsense, you can check us out as well in the link below. We talk about all sorts of things, you can skip the Wrestling ones if you're not interested in that sort of topic but the rest of the podcast are very open ended topic wise. Please give us feedback as well. Thanks & keep it up.
  7. Hey, I'm Nick from the Sketchy Nonsense Podcast. I gave it a listen and here's what I got: I know you mentioned you only were using your webcam mic because you didn't have your other mic. Next time for sure use the other mic. Sound quality is key when you're trying to keep someones attention with nothing but audio. I'd say watch how many times you say "Uh" & "Um" it seemed to be a lot but I will assume it's you're first podcast so I think that will pass. You can also edit those out after you record, we used to have to do that when we first started. Also, don't apologize for liking COD back in the day! They USED to be great games! Personally, I don't think you need to announce that you will be right back because for us, the listener we wouldn't know you even left if you just edited it together. Could cut out the part where the phone rings altogether, that sort of thing can take people out of your podcast. I like your idea of listening or doing something else while playing a game like Destiny, that game can get boring for sure. I liked that you elaborated on the games you loved and played on NES I didn't know about the game ukulele and I'm glad you don't make the assumption that your audience does and you explain it All in all, it was solid. I'm not a huge fan of podcast that only feature one person talking. However I think you show that you have enough energy to carry along a show by yourself pretty well. Good work and if you find the time give OUR podcast a listen. We cover gaming as well as many other things, we're always looking for feedback as well. Link is below & keep it up!
  8. Sketchy Nonsense

    Dixon & Altonbagger Podcast

    Hey everyone, my name is Nick from the group Sketchy Nonsense and I do a one man comedy podacst, where I voice all the characters (so far). I've worked really hard on getting better at designing a good atmosphere with the sound and with each episode I'm trying to get better and better. Please give a listen if you can spare the time, they are only about 12 minutes each and I would love to hear feedback. Thanks https://soundcloud.c...altonbagger-ep3
  9. Sketchy Nonsense

    Sketchy Nonsense Podcast

    Here is out latest podcast where we talk about topics we are interested. We're looking for any feedback or suggestions anyone might have. Thanks guys!
  10. Sketchy Nonsense

    My Road to 20 Podcast Episodes

    That was a good blog, thanks for sharing!
  11. Sketchy Nonsense

    Sketchy Nonsense Podcast

    Hey everyone, we are a sketch comedy group just starting out in the podcasting world. We are a few episodes deep and are in deep need of feedback to try and improve upon things. Please give us a chance and a listen. The episode linked below is our Best Of 2016 show but we many many more. https://soundcloud.c...-2016-a-podcast We have a few different shows that we do which are all listed on our soundcloud and Itunes page as well as our website www.sketchynonsense.com . Please check us out and let us know how you like it and what we can do better, Thank you so much!