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  1. mduncan55

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    I'm sorry, I didn't know it was only a bad thing when it was about YOUR gender. How silly of me.
  2. mduncan55

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    I'm sure that they heard her, but also heard her talking about how no man will ever say no to sex under any circumstances and figured she wasn't serious about gender stereotypes.
  3. mduncan55

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    Absolutely killing me that they are calling the Bryan Adams song "All That I Need" instead of its actual name which is "Heaven", both because this is one of my favorite songs of all time, and because it actually explains why they would use it in this movie. (Though not why Mr. Adams would allow them.)
  4. mduncan55

    Paywall Special Announcement

    Is there a way of seeing which ones are available without having to go through each one?
  5. mduncan55

    Paywall Special Announcement

    You cannot legally download the podcasts from the Howl site, so no if you don't have iPhone or Android, and don't want to listen from the computer, then you are SOL.
  6. mduncan55

    Paywall Special Announcement

    Well as someone that listens to his podcasts on his MP3 player white exercising and swimming, I guess I just can't listen to the older episodes any more, since you can't download them to an mp3 player. Also, where is the $2.91 price coming from? The Howl site says $4.99/month. You know, if I want to just take my laptop swimming with me.
  7. No, I don't feel entitled to steal content because I don't want to pay. I feel entitled to listen to the content the way that the content creators always intended and continue to want their listeners to experience it. And I didn't ignore any part of it. I posted the entire thing for everyone to see rather than the one heavily reworded part of a sentence that you chose to use to support your stance. You can do whatever you want. You want to stick up for the suits that have nothing to do with the creation of the content, you're more than welcome to. I'll stick with the creators.
  8. "Jason, June and I have always had issues with this paywall, and unfortunately it was sprung on us as well as you without any warning aside from a passing mention in a Howl ad about a year ago. Now we've heard your concerns and we share them, and since this has happened we've been working with Howl and Earwolf to find a better solution, and we have a lot of good ideas which we will share with you very soon. But rest assured the team involved with this switch profusely apologize for the way it was handled. And we want to also apologize to you too because this is not our intention and we want to make the show available in a way that it has always been available, so we're working on a way to make both interests meet and I think we'll have some exciting information for you very shortly about this, so stand by and thank you for your patience." Direct quote from the beginning of this week's HDTGM. Please note: They've always had issues with the idea of a paywall on their content, this is not what they want, they want to make the show available as it has always been. So don't try to cherry pick one section of a sentance and try to twist that into their entire message. I also reached out to the Professor Blastoff crew on Twitter to hear their thoughts, and Kyle Dunnigan said that they have already asked Earwolf to remove their content from the paywall, and to stay tuned.
  9. It's simple, the hosts did not do this for money, do not want money for it, and are upset that their fans are being charged for it. However the higher ups don't care about what the content creators want, and are doing this anyways, because they want more money. Hence: greed. Less baffling yet?
  10. You can say whatever you want. The hosts made nothing. They made these free, with the expectation that the podcasts are free, and are unhappy that people are now being charged for it, and are "looking into alternatives" which quite frankly I hope means taking their intellectual property and finding a less greedy place to release it from. Hey, I wasn't the one that brought up the Netflix model as a comparison to begin with, so don't try lecturing me that it's not the same.
  11. Even easier economics lesson, taking advantage of the example provided. This is half the price of Netflix. The shows on Netflix cost hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars to make per episode. A podcast costs maybe a hundred bucks, covered by donations and ads. We are obviously getting crap value for our money. (Again, my issue here isn't the cost, it's the greed and going against the content creators' wishes, but don't try to make this sound like some great value.)
  12. Seriously, take the 2 minutes to listen to the beginning of the new HDTGM episode, and you will hear Paul say exactly what I have been. This is not what they want. They fought against it, and are continuing to fight to find a better solution because this is not what they signed on for. So while I'm being accused of being entitled for "acting like I know what the content creators want", there you go, they just told you themselves. But hey, at least the poor corporation has you there to protect their feelings. As for buying a smart phone and accessories for it, no, I'm not going to spend money so that I can spend more money to listen to something I can listen to for free, and also, iPods and Androids are notorious for not liking to go swimming.
  13. I'm asking for things to be done the way they've always been done here. It is pretty much asking for nothing.
  14. That only downloads onto your phone if you have the app. Doesn't help for an MP3 player.
  15. Seinfeld was an entirely for profit venture. Everyone involved, from the actors to the producers to the corporate executives, did it to make money. It is an entirely different process that has nothing to do with what we're talking about. It is more akin to artists being asked to produce pro bono work for a gallery that will be free to the public in perpetuity. And then after all of his work was submitted and displayed for a little while, someone else took over the gallery and started charging anyone that wanted to come in, but don't worry, we'll still put a couple of them in the windows. You really don't think there would be public outcry?