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  1. OblongPanther

    Episode 171.5 - Minisode 171.5

  2. OblongPanther

    Episode 171.5 - Minisode 171.5

    Thank you! I had this exact same thought. Moonie is the shiz (and in recent years he's had some particularly brilliant comics.) [edit] You can't go wrong with some New Order!
  3. OblongPanther

    Episode 157 - Surf Ninjas: LIVE!

    I'm so happy that they're doing Chopping Mall / Killbots! Body Parts is another good choice, but CM is fantastic. I actually rewatched it recently and thought it would be a great choice, in the vein of Death Spa and Lifeforce.
  4. OblongPanther

    Episode 156 - xXx: Return of Xander Cage: LIVE!

    Has anyone here seen the tv show, Garth Marenghi's DarkPlace? Paul's mentioned it a few times on the Seeso adverts. I've just realised that VinDiesel and Garth Marenghi are essentially the same person. GM is the writer, director, lead actor (even the theme tune is "based on melodies whistled by GM") of Dark Place, who plays the character of Dr Rick Dagless MD. Dagless is the most badass of badasses, women want him and men want to be him; and other characters routinely say how impressive he is. He's a great shot, a highly trained hand-to-hand combatant, the best doctor at Darkplace (probably the world) and a shaman. The main difference between these two ego-monsters is that Marenghi is just a character played for laughs.