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  1. Care for carrots, Mate with Tomatoes
  2. I come back for snack when dinner is thinner.
  3. I'm irate over this pie-rate, but this slice is pretty nice.
  4. https://soundcloud.com/dhxlive/danny-hauger-its-time-for-plugs-theme-cbb "I've Gotta Do Plugs" - by Danny Hauger
  5. "I Guess This is Doing Plugs" by Danny Hauger Love the show, thanks guys for all the great laughs!
  6. Maybe, you're going to be the one that saves me, I probably won't need AAA after all.
  7. Three cheers for workplace productivity, wait, lets make that two, we're now 33.3% more efficient cheerers.
  8. Its raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring. Neighbors are complaining, and the association is assessing dues to replace the gutters, the old man is being evicted for noise complaints. Also please leash your dogs, sincerely, your board of directors.
  9. I've scammed for ham, begged for eggs, but I'll be making the bacon.
  10. The check that bounced was static free and smelled fantastic.
  11. The sweater you wear shows you care.
  12. Ring around the rosey, pockets full of posies. Ashes is hit from behind by a steel chair as the king of the ring falls down!
  13. Hey Ref, zebras texted. they want their shirts back. They couldn't call, no vocal chords.
  14. Geometry? I guess It's time to shape up!
  15. Terms and conditions? No, pick one, and while your at, increase the font size.
  16. The trouble with board games is they don't always say sorry
  17. Itemizing deductions? Now that's taxing.
  18. If there's a finer city than Stockton, California, I don't want to hear about it.
  19. Romanced a dancer near a lancer, raised from her trance, I'm now a necromancer
  20. Batters averaged .308 against the throws of April with runners in scoring position.
  21. Keep your wheel in the sky turning with balancing and rotation every 5,000 miles
  22. Toad's wet sprocket resulted in a Mario Kart collision that killed Luigi.
  23. The seals that sailed salted their sardines before being shot by Scandinavians
  24. When one door closes, another opens. Ladies and gentlemen of the world's fair, the first rotating window-door!
  25. Hey all you chord cutters out there, congratulations on becoming a father!