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  1. iamSGA

    Episode 221. The Hottie and the Nottie

    This isn’t really movie related, but I’m getting tired of the second opinion songs. People take way too long and are just trying to get themselves over. When you’re at the live show, it’s even worse b/c there’s like 5-7 people trying to do it This is one was way too long. Short and sweet = success
  2. Steven Adams and Momoa are basically twins
  3. No one on here (or on the podcast) mentioned it, but the champagne bottle was an homage to a pivotal scene in GOT last season (among all the other references)
  4. nobody here is talking about the GOT/Wrestling references. It makes me sad. Other than this podcast, the wrestling drew me in, but they didn't stop talking about GOT...and I'm glad they shitted on D&D
  5. she was the first Ronda Rousey, but she's actually doing better in Hollywood also, topical to this episode, she was the villain in Deadpool (with Ryan Reynolds)
  6. what up Uce! you know what's up. #ROMANWINSLOL
  7. holy shit! just got out of this and now about to listen to ep. I know Paul marked the f out during this movie. So many great GOT/WWE references 1. GOT - Arya dagger/NK- shaw does it w/champagne bottle 2. Lannister pays/knows nothing 3. "shock the system" (ADAM COLE BAY BAY!) 4. USO (so good!) 5. Numbers don't lie (BIG POPPA PUMP) and the best one of all (that I called too) 6. ROMAN FUCKING REIGNS WITH THE SPEAR AND HOOOOAHHHHHHHH I enjoyed the shit out of this movie. so great. also Rock did his trademark stuff note: got 5 mins into ep this morn, turned it off, and bought a ticket to movie. had to watch before i listened edit: also random, Rock's brother, Jonah, was the main Mexican bad guy in Training Day--the one that called his niece and ended up sparing Ethan edit 2: yes. Italian Job. I wrote that down while watching, but I forgot that JS was in the movie and second-guessed myself
  8. we're close to it now. maybe someone will old face him too while they're at it
  9. Another great example of a “deadfall” is from Predator when Arnold is trapped in the woods. He kicks the trap and and all the large trees fall onto the predator—ultimately leading to its demise.
  10. iamSGA

    Crawl (2019)

    holy shit. Just got out of the theater for Crawl ($5 Tuesday at amc lol) wow. I don’t wanna give much away but this movie was next level insane. So many gators. Once it was over, all I could think of was “they have to do this movie”.
  11. TBH, I liked this the whole way through, but I might've not paid attention at some parts b/c I didn't really get the ending. I went on reddit to figure it out lmao
  12. This was amazing. I was at the live show in ATX. I have two comments from the ep: 1. I lost it when they mentioned Nirvana b/c I tried to send this to them earlier that morning 2. I can't believe Queen man won the 2nd Opinion slot. I def hoped the girl who did hers to Deep In the Heart of TX would win; The crowd just clapped right with her and flabbergasted Jason, lol. Also, the obligatory "June, John, and Jason".
  13. Jfc. It literally goes a complete square block long. They better delay the show. No way in hell everyone’s in even close to 3. Even 3:30. They opened doors late tho
  14. iamSGA

    Serenity (2019)

    Watching it now. This has a lot of production value lol. I'm curious to see how it plays out