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    Manhattan Baby (1982)

    A Egyptian trinket turns a little girl into a vessel to open a doorway to evil. The movie contains creepy children, loud scorpions, and death by taxidermied birds. Can watch on Amazon Prime.
  2. splatterlover

    Vicious Lips (1986)

    After hearing about this movie on the Shock Waves podcast, i decided to check it out on Amazon Prime. The movie is about a interstellar band that steals a prison space ship in order to make it to high profile gig, only to crash land on a desert planet. Vicious Lips definitely is cheesy movie with a promising over-the-top beginning that eventually comes to a halt after the crash landing. The rest of the movie deals with inner turmoil of the band getting a new lead singer and occasionally acknowledging that there is a escaped convict aboard the ship. The music in the movie was actually not that bad and one of the things that kept me watching. The ending will make you wonder if it was a Jacob's ladder scenario.