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    Ideas for Episodes

    To start, i would love to have episodes on the following 2 topics: 1. Horror shows for kids. They talked a little about "Are You Afraid of the Dark" but there was also "Goosebumps" and later on "Courage the Cowardly Dog" and "So Weird". I used to love shows like that. 2. An episode about reality shows for kids. The show that i want to hear them talk about is "Bug Juice" that was on Disney channel in the 90s. i used to love that show so much. I wonder if Jon and Lauren watched that show at all, or if there are any other shows like it from that time.
  2. GorillaThrilla

    Ideas for Episodes

    Jon and Lauren keep saying to suggest topics for future episodes. Can we start a thread here with suggestions? I personally don't have a twitter account, and i'm sure i'm not the only one. So maybe starting this thread will help get some more ideas out there.
  3. I was forced to watch this movie in college by a friend of mine. The animation quality is terrible. The film was worked on by one guy, and it shows. There's an annoying fish character that shows up randomly throughout just to interrupt the scene without furthering the story. This is probably the worst reincarnation of Romeo and Juliet to date.
  4. This is a movie that i used to love as a kid, but after rewatching it as an adult i realize how awful it is. The music in it isn't great. the characters aren't likable. and the plot is lacking.
  5. Watch and learn, honey. I didn't get the Olympic gold medal in "Competitive spaghetti eating" for nothing.
  6. Welcome to my bedroom, or as i like to call it "Sob City"
  7. "Enough about me, let's talk about jus" I say as i take a bite of my roast beef sandwich
  8. Bullying became a lot less fun once i realized the nerds were into BDSM
  9. What you call "Lactose Intolerant", i call "Racist against cows"
  10. I've never met a horse i couldn't break, or an orgasm i couldn't fake
  11. I only do closed-mouth smiles in pictures so that the hamsters don't escape