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  1. bluesheep4

    Episode 137 - The Hustler (w/ David Scarpa)

    I have always been a fan of this movie, and it's an obvious in for the canon! Same with the others above, there isn't much to say that hasn't already been said about this film, and honestly, you guys said even more than I would have to begin with, just the minutia of the film I haven't quite noticed when watching it, and it really gave the film a whole new life for me! I love this and it's a yes! Also, Amy, I'll take note of the braums, honestly I totally didn't even think of there being no braums lol.. Just thought I might also share (with Amy, but also I guess anyone in the forum) I'm moving to Chicago to pursue an education in film! I'll be attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago this coming fall! I'm super excited, and also hella nervous but that's how it goes.
  2. bluesheep4

    Episode 179 - Second Sight: LIVE!

    tbh I'd hit it
  3. bluesheep4

    Homework - The Hustler (1961)

    oh shit yeah
  4. bluesheep4

    Episode 136 - The Best of 2017

    So this is a great list of movies (except for TLJ which I agree brought up good discussions but I'm not going to get into again lol) and this is extremely hard! I just saw the Florida Project and yoinks it was freaking amazing, and I'm a huge fan of the surrealist mother! and Lady Bird is also absolutely amazing, but come onnnnn, how can this year NOT belong to Get Out!?! It came out in theatres in February and as a horror movie it definitely raises a red flag coming out the beginning of the year, directed by a first time director (i mean it's Jordan Peele s he's obviously great, but still never before had he directed), and it was released in an intense political climate, a year where many higher-ups in the government are running blatantly racist campaigns, which only gave it more power and significance. This film has stayed in people's minds all year, which doesn't always happen, even some great movies get overshadowed purely due to release dates, and it's poignant and just amazing, I really don't have anything to say that hasn't already been said! To just sum it up, Get Out really dominated this year, and deserves the win. (also sorry I didn't call in, I had school, and tbh I wasn't sure who I was rooting for until after listening to the podcast but I'm here now lol)
  5. bluesheep4

    Best of 2017

    also, let me be even more of an underdog and put up some different films for consideration (I think also most everything mentioned deserves a spot ) The Disaster Artist is amazing Logan was also actually really fucking good, and might not be ~the~ best film this year, but god damn it needs to be talked about Call Me By Your Name was better than I anticipated, and gave the book a run for its money Baby Driver was unpredictable and great and I, Tonya was also up there Obviously, others like Get Out and Lady Bird deserve to be up there, also The Big Sick and The Florida Project, but I wanted to throw some out there that really haven't been mentioned!
  6. bluesheep4

    Best of 2017

    I really don't think this movie should be up for consideration tbh... I have eaten, slept, and breathed Star Wars since I was a child, been raised as a Star Wars kid, and had EXTREMELY high hopes for this movie!!! I live in Oklahoma, and I went to California for a few reasons, one of which was to see TLJ on opening night at the Chinese Theater bc I was just that excited!!! I was taken aback when I just wasn't into it.. The humor didn't fit, it felt partially "disney-fied", and partially the bad part of the prequel humor. Also, I honestly don't think it was original.. Just because you did the exact opposite, doesn't mean its original. To completely negate the original formula, you have to acknowledge the existence of the formula, to begin with? If that makes sense to anyone? Also what they did with Luke as a character I really didn't completely like (although I think Mark Hamill was great.) I think also it's kinda bs to say that they're throwing away the formula when they DIRECTLY REFERENCE exact lines and scenes from the first two star wars films? Idk. Please don't attack me, but I really can't conceive of this movie being a "best of the year". If you want to talk about it being one of the most discussed and debated of the year I'd agree with you there, otherwise, there were so many great films this year, this just isn't up there.
  7. bluesheep4

    Episode 134 - Love Actually (w/ Michael H. Weber)

    Look props to Michael for trying, but c'mon... Literally, he wasn't even all in on his own vote, being a "soft yes", and it seemed he was really only able to talk about the bad and problematic, and in his own words his yikes list was longer than the list of things he admired about it. That, in my book, makes this not canon. Also the fact that not only is it extremely weird (not in a good way) and problematic, but there was nothing even remarkable about the technical stuff, the shots, the direction, the lighting, the sound, not a thing. Sure I guess it is an accomplishment that they could accomplish a "mosaic" of stories, but if the stories don't really matter, does anything really matter? If you want a movie in this same ballpark, take Death at a Funeral. If you want a movie with multiple storylines take Magnolia, Pulp Fiction, or Chunking Express. You guys said in the podcast why this movie doesn't need in the canon, and I'm just finalizing it with my vote. No. Sorry, not sorry.
  8. bluesheep4

    Episode 133 - American Psycho (w/ April Wolfe)

    I think this is the biggest yes I've given since listening to this podcast. Everything single thing about this film was done exactly right, and I have been a fan of this film since I saw it. The first time I watched this, I was total all the way into it, and I still am. I think this movie would have been completely different directed by a man, and because Mary Harron directed it, there's a subtle nuance to everything; there's no glorifying of our male "protagonist" and his friends and like you were saying, the film treats the women like people even when Bateman and his associates don't. The satire is so poignant, and at times really just feels like Mary is straight up making fun of the characters (which I love). I also love the ambiguous twist towards the end that flips it all on its head, and asks was it really happening or is Bateman just so out of touch with reality, as most of the characters are in a way, that he creates a way for him to exercise the power and privilege he has garnered in a more physical way, versus the things you discussed like having expensive food just to buy it etc. I absolutely love the ending because whether it really happened or not doesn't affect the satire at all, either way, it plays out. If it really happened, it goes to show that he, and anyone like him, could easily get away with it, and nothing matters. Even when he tries to tell people, no one cares and can easily just say no, you're joking. Then if he didn't do it, like I said earlier, its just because his psychosis is so severe that he feels he needs to make up a scenario in his head that he has to take action on his feelings that women and homeless people are less then him, and that they don't matter. This film is genius in every way, and I'm so glad that we can make room for it in the canon. I think this is one of the best films of this century, maybe even of all time, and it's grossly underrated. This is a HARD YESSS!!!
  9. bluesheep4

    Episode 132 - Carnal Knowledge (w/ Molly Lambert)

    Well first off I'd never seen this film, and probably wouldn't have, if it wasn't for this podcast so thank you! Now, digging into it, I think this film is semi-important in the history of film, like the first seen condom on film, and really just embodying the postcode spirit, dealing w/ sex and things etc., so in that sense, I think there's a spot in the canon for it. BUT I really didn't feel all of the same things about it as you guys did, like the commentary on men and women's supposed roles in life, or that it had a lot to say about Sandy and Jonathan, who are both just schmucks. I don't think I'm articulating my thoughts very well, but I don't think this movie is as smart as you made it out to be. I do agree that The Graduate is overstated slightly, but it has more of a spot in the canon than this film, and I think Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf? could fill this spot too. I didn't dislike it, but I don't think it needs to be in the canon. It's a good movie, and people can see it, but really don't need to.
  10. bluesheep4

    Homework - American Psycho (2000)

    btw SUPER pumped to give this film a big YES, ive been in love with this film forever and really excited to see it (hopefully) get in the canon
  11. bluesheep4

    Episode 130 - The Room (w/ Paul Scheer)

    Honestly, I was on board to put this into the canon just based on my prior thoughts on it, on the basis of it being so terrible that it is amazing, and could never be done again. But after hearing you guys talk more in-depth about it for an hour I'm even MORE on board. I've only seen it twice, and neither time did I think to more fully dissect it the way you did, and immediately I want to watch it more and decipher it. I desperately want this film in the canon, because like you said, there is seriously no other film like it, and there never will be, I think, and that makes this movie "great", maybe not in the sense of its "good", but "great" in the sense of grandeur. This movie definitely belongs in the canon.
  12. bluesheep4

    Episode 128 - Starship Troopers (w/ Jordan Hoffman)

    Look, I'm not going to lie Starship Troopers is fairly genius in its satire of fascism, especially relevant in today's climate, BUTTTTTT Robocop is, I think, a stronger film overall, and its a better execution of its satirical ideas. I think that the satire in Robocop is more readily accessible and less likely to misconstrue, while, as you discussed in the podcast, even the satire of Starship Troopers was lost on Roger Ebert. I think Starship Troopers under normal circumstances could be inducted into the canon, but if it comes down to it, I think Robocop is a better film, more culturally relevant, and deserves to get a chance to be in the canon more than Starship Troopers should be in the canon.