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  1. chrystina

    Little Baby Plug Boy

    Update: Little Baby Plug boy will comply and wear a mask to perform at any socially distanced functions for your family
  2. chrystina

    Little Baby Plug Boy

    Oop - Just enabled direct downloads
  3. chrystina

    Mother Plugger

    Well aaalright
  4. chrystina

    Mother Plugger

    Thank you!
  5. chrystina

    Mother Plugger

    A classic song of the ol' West.... Partner
  6. chrystina

    New Closing Up the Plug Bag theme

    This is exceptional
  7. Ok maybe now it is actually semi-appropriate.
  8. Ok maybe this is a little more relevant now.
  9. It's October, which is essentially Christmastime! Please enjoy this original carol https://soundcloud.com/chrystieorlando/the-thing-that-i-would-like-for-christmas-is-plugs/s-YUOXr
  10. Gimme that plug! https://soundcloud.c...er-font/s-F5f3a
  11. https://soundcloud.c...is-plug/s-gadYx
  12. chrystina

    Want Your Plugs (Tonight)

    The extended mix (for everyone's DJ sets): https://soundcloud.com/chrystieorlando/want-your-plugs-tonight-by-chrystina-orlando-i-guess-maybe-anthony-santo-in-smaller-font/s-F5f3a