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  1. Your mom made me Baklava for dessert last night. "Oooo La Laklava", I exclaimed, in delight.
  2. Thank you. Ill be here all night.
  3. I never knew what moth balls smelled like until I spread their tiny little legs and took a whiff.
  4. I'm sorry honey. It's not you...it's me...I'm the one who farted.
  5. I can't get over the death of my grandfather. Maybe I'll try to go under him instead. Oh! There he is!
  6. My thinking has evolved on this issue. My brain now has legs!
  7. I wish that I will know what I know now, when I am older.
  8. Every time I consume flour, it diminishes my brain power. Some call it a bread-bake headache; I call it a whole-grain migraine.