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  1. TheHumanNeighbor

    Shittin' Pretty

    Bumping this cuz there's not enough beauty in the world.
  2. TheHumanNeighbor

    Episode 612 - The Juice Is Loose

  3. TheHumanNeighbor

    Shittin' Pretty

    https://soundcloud.com/thehumanneighbor/shittin-pretty "The consonants and vowels in the word 'shitting' are the most beautiful combination."
  4. I Like My Plugs To Be...Just So. Tra la la, Tra la la
  5. Durst Quiz: Are You a Fred or a Robert? The Answer May Surprise You!
  6. TheHumanNeighbor

    Famous For A Week

    Victory Lap https://soundcloud.com/thehumanneighbor/famous-for-a-week
  7. TheHumanNeighbor

    Episode 563 - Where You Come From with CHVRCHES

    I can't believe I got my plugs theme on the show, you guys! This must be how Scott felt when he got his Popeye impression on the air. I'm a superstar on a superstar machine (this week)! Takin' it to the stars, The Human Neighbor
  8. TheHumanNeighbor

    Baggage Time ("Closing Up the Plug Bag" Pre-prise)

    Bumping myself, 'cuz that's what plugs are all about.
  9. https://soundcloud.c...g-bag-pre-prise It's time to open the bag
  10. Chem CaTrails? Is that something?
  11. Slide into my DMs, we'll get sliders in the PM, then slide out some BMs