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  1. TheHumanNeighbor

    Episode 612 - The Juice Is Loose

  2. TheHumanNeighbor

    Shittin' Pretty

    https://soundcloud.com/thehumanneighbor/shittin-pretty "The consonants and vowels in the word 'shitting' are the most beautiful combination."
  3. I Like My Plugs To Be...Just So. Tra la la, Tra la la
  4. Durst Quiz: Are You a Fred or a Robert? The Answer May Surprise You!
  5. TheHumanNeighbor

    Famous For A Week

    Victory Lap https://soundcloud.com/thehumanneighbor/famous-for-a-week
  6. TheHumanNeighbor

    Episode 563 - Where You Come From with CHVRCHES

    I can't believe I got my plugs theme on the show, you guys! This must be how Scott felt when he got his Popeye impression on the air. I'm a superstar on a superstar machine (this week)! Takin' it to the stars, The Human Neighbor
  7. TheHumanNeighbor

    Baggage Time ("Closing Up the Plug Bag" Pre-prise)

    Bumping myself, 'cuz that's what plugs are all about.
  8. https://soundcloud.c...g-bag-pre-prise It's time to open the bag
  9. Chem CaTrails? Is that something?
  10. Slide into my DMs, we'll get sliders in the PM, then slide out some BMs
  11. TheHumanNeighbor

    Episode 526 - Air Lift Me Out

    I couldn't stop listening to that impression of Sean Connery doing Bill Cosby, so I made a plugs theme out of it.