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  1. Gravedigger1

    Taffin (1988)

    It must be done
  2. Gravedigger1

    Taffin (1988)

    That clip alone is enough of a reason
  3. Gravedigger1

    Taffin (1988)

    This is the greatest film ever made and I promise that if you do this film it will become an iconic pod episode. This is the film Brosnan did after losing James Bond to Timothy Dalton and it’s insane. So many batshit crazy lines and some of the greatest acting ever. It’s an ‘80s TV movie - what more do I need to say Please do this
  4. Gravedigger1

    Episode 086: Season 2 Finale!

    Please do an episode on the rejected theme songs!
  5. Gravedigger1

    Die Another Day (2002)

    Die another Day (2002) Live with James Bonding please
  6. Gravedigger1

    Magic (1978)

    It’s insane
  7. Gravedigger1

    Magic (1978)

    Magic (1978) A very weird and bad film. Except Hopkins’ performance.
  8. You know my name but not my story. My story is I don’t know my name, please tell me.