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  1. I realize several of these concepts were used in the TV show. But were they used in a plugs theme?? I doubt it. I haven't checked, but I doubt it.
  2. I've been waiting for a call back to Ebenezer Scrooge (notorious power bottom). I could see Scott in my head giving a quick wink to the fans.
  3. Revolover


    I'm surprised this topic doesn't have more replies. Or do you just delete stupid ones like this?
  4. What's going on, cool cat? (This may have been submitted before, but I don't think I've heard it used on an episode)
  5. Revolover

    Theme Submission ( I got dem' downhome plugs)

    That a good sooooooonnng.
  6. This is funky as hell and I hope it gets on.
  7. Revolover

    Closing the Plugbag May Remix

    My vote is in 100% for this version. It's got a little polish and it's not completely obnoxious. Please Scott hear our cries!
  8. Revolover

    Episode 584 - Weirdamony Alimony Tony

    Plugs theme by Revolover Audio!!! I make podcasts! Check them out at www.soundcloud.com/revoloveraudio!! Aaaaand if you like improv comedy podcasts and stoner burn-outs, there's this one called Rolling Stoned at www.soundcloud.com/rollingstonedpodcast!!
  9. Silly little birds, all in their nest, wondering what’s going to happen next
  10. Revolover

    A Hey Nong Man (my plugs theme)

    Now that's a pretty plug theme.
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    Shameless plug within the plugs for the first episode each of 2 podcasts that I just launched. They are Rolling Stoned (www.soundcloud.com/rollingstonedpodcast) and Hero Worship (www.soundcloud.com/heroworshippodcast) and my network is Revolover Audio (www.twitter.com/revoloveraudio). Rolling Stoned is an improv comedy show and Hero Worship is a wholesome show about family and friends and stuff. Plug done. I'll stop replying to this thread now.
  12. Revolover

    The Monster Fuck Part Infinity

    You know, you can really tell which lines are his favorite because they are the clearest.
  13. Revolover


    IIIIIIIIIITs BEEN one week since I posted this plug theme. Plugbump commence
  14. This is the only plug theme that ever got stuck in my head for days.
  15. Revolover

    PLUGZ PLZ (theme)

    You say baby too?
  16. If you have to ask, then it's probably a question.
  17. The boss make a dollar while I make a dime, so that's why I shit on my boss's desk.