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  1. http://pratterino.se/cbb/come on%2C open up the spooky plug bag.mp3
  2. Bang bang! Who's there?
  3. The sky is blue, the sea is blue too. What's in the ear? it's U2.
  4. Pratterino

    Oh lardy!

    Pratterino - Oh lardy! http://pratterino.se/cbb/oh-lardy.mp3
  5. Pratterino - Air bag it in http://pratterino.se/cbb/air-bag-it-in.wav
  6. What goes up must come down... I'll see you in hell mom.
  7. Doctor! Take a look at that bad... ass
  8. I got blisters on me fingie-rinos!!
  9. Used to soft, now it's hard.